Arvale on Big Fish Games at a ridiculous price!


Arvale was just released on Big Fish Games!

And you can pick it up now for 70% off! That’s like 3 bucks. Crazy, I know.

Go check out Big Fish now and get the game!

The Lazy Man’s Way to Tokyo, Day 16

I can’t keep up with all these releases!


Count em’. Not one, not two, but THREE new releases by PlaySlide already. I seriously don’t know how much coffee they drink collectively, but it appears to be paying off. In any case, here’s the low-down:

The cute title I mentioned previously, Little Medusa: Petrified Princess was released a while back and it’s cute and fun and a nice little package (check the video I posted last time!)

BUT that’s not all:

A fresh take on the classic Snake title, which looks slick and has some trippy, relaxing music set against a cool nightscape backdrop: Nightcrawler – Wally Worm Twilight Window Washer

Sweet video here:

AND the hits just keep on coming:

Just released TODAY, Vampires Love Unicorns which is just as zany as it sounds. You play a vampire and you must recapture your beloved unicorn. Perfectly logical, right? Here’s another video for your perusing pleasure:

As always, PlaySlides games are completely FREE. So get on those app stores and start downloading because you like zany, free stuff. And Vampires. Everybody likes Vampires, right?

Till next time, here’s some neat gameplay screencaps:


The Lazy Man’s Way to Tokyo, Day 12

One… Almost Two New Titles Already?


Yup. I know I took a short break. Life does that. But you know who didn’t take a break? PlaySlide.

Seriously. They just released another more cool title since I was gone: 100 Angry Boxes

“100 Angry, Determined Boxes need to make it to the promised land!
Jump the evil Red Popsicle Sticks and Rush your way to the end!
Angry Boxes have only one speed: Go! These little boxes are speed demons and their souls are waiting for the promised land.
Angry Boxes also have only one move: Jump! Just tap the screen and watch them fly over the obstacles!
Help as many 100 Angry Boxes make it to the end before they run out!
Warning: Angry Boxes also have only one weakness: they’re cheap boxes that fall apart if they touch their enemies: the evil Red Popsicle Sticks!
Warning No. 2: This game is hard. Easy to play. But hard to complete. So satisfying when you get the hang of it though :)”

And it looks like their about to release another one! And this one looks super cute: Little Medusa.

I’ll give more info when it’s officially released!

They also contacted me recently and said they’re considering doing an Arvale title. Not sure when I’ll have time to work on it, but I’m definitely excited!

Trashy Novels, Buddha's Boogers, and Japanese Fireworks

Whip it Good!

I’m starting to wonder if I ever left… Because I’m already back!

Those PlaySlide folks? Cranked out another awesome game already. As before, the new game and is silly, fun, and and has a cool adventure hero who reminds me of Indy, which you know, is the coolest character idea ever. Available on iOS here and Android and here (at some point? it seems Google has some delay on making it live when I posted this), and here’s the info text:

“After grabbing the legendary Jewel of Pokywokyjig, all the booby-traps are triggered, so Run for your life!

The temple is falling apart, the water starts flooding like the Nile, and the monsters have come out to play!

Luckily, you can Run, Jump, and use your trusty Bullwhip to Swing into action!

Avoid Bats, Barnacles, Slimes and Spiders while grabbing as much treasure as you can without falling to your doom!

Simple to pick up and play.
No instructions required.
Easy Touchscreen controls. Tap on Whip button to Whip, Jump button to Jump.

Run, Jump, and Whip it. Whip it good.”

And of course, it’s FREE. Put it on your phone because Harrison Ford was an excellent serial adventurer.

More info on their home page here.


Recent Move to Japan, It Begins...

Aliens and Roaches

I’m back! So soon! Almost too soon…

That PlaySlide gig? Yup, just pushed out another game already. As before, the new game and is ridiculous, funny, and and has Aliens, which pretty much guarantees coolness. Available on iOS here and Android and here, and here’s the low-down:

“Save the world from Aliens using your immortal Roach as a weapon against them!

After the Alien apocalypse, the only thing that still lives is a single cockroach. And the Aliens are NOT happy!

Play as the immortal Roach and use your indestructible body as a weapon!

Intentionally get hit by the Alien weapons to fight back, before they destroy the whole planet with their mayhem! Simple to pick up and play.

No instructions required.
Easy Touchscreen controls. Tap on Left/Right side of screen to move.

End the Aliens. Save the World. Be the Roach.”

As usual, it’s FREE. Put it on your phone because you like supporting indie devs.

More info on their home page here.


Arvale III Release Date Soon-ish

Snow Zombies

I’m back! So soon! I hope this is a good habit forming…

That PlaySlide gig I keep gushing about? Yup, still going strong. And it looks like they just secretly released  (again?!) a new game and it’s again silly, awesome, and and full of zombies, which automatically makes it cool. Available on iOS here and Android and here, and here’s the low-down:

“Ski and jump down the slopes while avoiding obstacles, bunnies, and… Zombies?!

It’s a beautiful day to be a Snow Bunny and hit the slopes… but be careful! Rumor is, the mountains are being taken over by something strange.

Glide, jump, and slalom down the hills to avoid, trees, rocks, holes, other ski bunnies, and… Zombies?!

Try to save the mountains and capture as many Zombies as possible by trapping them into holes, but don’t fall in with them!

Simple to pick up and play. No instructions required.
Easy Touchscreen controls.

Put the Bunny back in Snow Bunnies. Without the Zombies.”

Oh and also, and it’s FREE. Go install on your smart phone because you like Free and New!

More info on their home page here.


Jaybot7 Interviews Last Day of Work's Arthur Humphrey

Shoot Up!

So, hey. I’m back! Again! I do that.

That PlaySlide gig I keep telling you about? Yup, still trucking along. And it looks like they just soft-released another (already?!) a new game and it’s again silly and awesome. Available on iOS here and Android and here, and here’s the low-down:

“And you thought Aliens didn’t know how to have fun!
Shoot Everything! is the most popular sport on the planet Zeeknorb!
Help Xenor blast his buddies with his Bounce-A-Ray gun! But be sure to hit all the targets within Par or it may self-destruct!

Simple to pick up and play. No instructions required. Easy, touchscreen controls. Self-Destruct button included.

Aliens playing golf. With Lasers. What could go wrong?”

Oh yeah, and it’s FREE. Go get it because you like free stuff.

More info on their hope page here.


The Incredible Shrinking Studio, Part 2: How To Fix a Table Tote

Soft Release

So, hey. I’m back! I told you I’d be back.

That PlaySlide gig I told you about? Yup, totally up and running. And it looks like they just released (soft-released? whatever that means) a new game and it’s fricking hilarious. Available on iOS here and Android and here, and here’s the low-down:

“Just when you thought it was safe to go for a country drive with the kids, it starts raining… FISH?!

Protect your family (and your vacation!) by steering your car to safety and avoid as many deadly fish as possible!

Simple to pick up and play. No instructions required.
Gyro and Touchscreen controls available.

Beware the deadly fish. From Above.”

Oh yeah, and it’s FREE. Go get it.

More info on their hope page here.


Give Me One Day and I’ll Give You Amsterdam, Part 2

New Stuff

Hi! Long time no post. Really long time. In fact, it’s been so long, I’m not sure anyone will even notice this post (or the flower on top of my head) 🙂

But, what the hey, some exciting stuff in the world of Jaybot, Jaybot7, Arvale, Games, Music, and just awesome stuff about me, me, Me, ME! (ahem) in general.

Currently working with a new gamedev company on launching a bunch of new titles for iPhone, Android, and perhaps various other platforms soon. I’ll keep you updated somehow as it progresses. For now, there is a janky website for the upcoming company (PlaySlide ! whoohoo! I love that name!)  and its slew of titles to be released over the next year here: <— Click that, do it! You know you want to!
They/We/I(?!) also have FB and twitter pages, but they’re also WIP and ghost town-y like, so nothing to see there (except clicking the Like/Favorite buttons, which could be fun if you’re into that!)

Also, for the one or two crazy fans out there who care about my personal/professional life outside of Arvale and games and music (what else? gawd I seem way busier than I actually am), I have a personal-type-ish website for lots of MEMEMEMEME!!!-ing which is really only useful if you live in Japan, speak/read Japanese and hire crazy people like me to do silly things in front of a camera or on a microphone, but anyway (there may be one or two of you out there, right? right?!) <— you know what? Don’t click that one. Risky click!

Speaking of me (I haven’t done that enough already? Well, alright then!) my Pop Rock – type music/band/thing Sir Guy is somehow still alive and wrote a few new tracks awhile back and even put them up for free on that link you just read, and also on the newfangled Soundcloud web, uh, thing… Here so Enjoy those while you can.

What, more me? If you insist: I do a local radio show At FM Ichinomiya on Saturdays 12-2PM (JST). You can listen to that if you time it just right (and don’t mind hearing a lot of Japanese) and happen to use tunein (free app, available on everything) here: tunein FM Ichinomiya

Annnd, I’m starting up another business locally here in the country-side-ish area of Japan, which… you’re not really interested in that, are you? Teaching babies and Kids? The color pink?! I thought so, but for the morbidly curious: <— I warned you! Lots of Pink and BABIES!

Oh, and Arvale. Seems to be doing on the okay side on Big Fish and Steam. Not enough for me to spend as much time as I would like developing or supporting it, unfortunately. But!! Some super-smart, and really diligent players figured out how to fix the slow-down/lag issue on recent machines (especially Windows 10) on Steam HERE <– (get ready to right-click and run things as administrator, apparently it works for a lot of folks). If things go well with all of my other endevaours, pursuing a brand-new Arvale on mobile devices (once again!) is defintely a possibility 😉

Other than that, life is slow and boring 😉

Hope you all are well!


Arvale Cake

This totally deserved a post. Happy birthday to me!image

What a kickass cake!

Japanese March Ketchup

Random thoughts from January 08, 2016 at 10:20AM

This surprised me today. Happy New Year! 🙂

Jaybot Goes to Tokyo!

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