Aliens and Roaches

I’m back! So soon! Almost too soon…

That PlaySlide gig? Yup, just pushed out another game already. As before, the new game and is ridiculous, funny, and and has Aliens, which pretty much guarantees coolness. Available on iOS here and Android and here, and here’s the low-down:

“Save the world from Aliens using your immortal Roach as a weapon against them!

After the Alien apocalypse, the only thing that still lives is a single cockroach. And the Aliens are NOT happy!

Play as the immortal Roach and use your indestructible body as a weapon!

Intentionally get hit by the Alien weapons to fight back, before they destroy the whole planet with their mayhem! Simple to pick up and play.

No instructions required.
Easy Touchscreen controls. Tap on Left/Right side of screen to move.

End the Aliens. Save the World. Be the Roach.”

As usual, it’s FREE. Put it on your phone because you like supporting indie devs.

More info on their home page here.