I can’t keep up with all these releases!


Count em’. Not one, not two, but THREE new releases by PlaySlide already. I seriously don’t know how much coffee they drink collectively, but it appears to be paying off. In any case, here’s the low-down:

The cute title I mentioned previously, Little Medusa: Petrified Princess was released a while back and it’s cute and fun and a nice little package (check the video I posted last time!)

BUT that’s not all:

A fresh take on the classic Snake title, which looks slick and has some trippy, relaxing music set against a cool nightscape backdrop: Nightcrawler – Wally Worm Twilight Window Washer

Sweet video here:

AND the hits just keep on coming:

Just released TODAY, Vampires Love Unicorns which is just as zany as it sounds. You play a vampire and you must recapture your beloved unicorn. Perfectly logical, right? Here’s another video for your perusing pleasure:

As always, PlaySlides games are completely FREE. So get on those app stores and start downloading because you like zany, free stuff. And Vampires. Everybody likes Vampires, right?

Till next time, here’s some neat gameplay screencaps: