One… Almost Two New Titles Already?


Yup. I know I took a short break. Life does that. But you know who didn’t take a break? PlaySlide.

Seriously. They just released another more cool title since I was gone: 100 Angry Boxes

“100 Angry, Determined Boxes need to make it to the promised land!
Jump the evil Red Popsicle Sticks and Rush your way to the end!
Angry Boxes have only one speed: Go! These little boxes are speed demons and their souls are waiting for the promised land.
Angry Boxes also have only one move: Jump! Just tap the screen and watch them fly over the obstacles!
Help as many 100 Angry Boxes make it to the end before they run out!
Warning: Angry Boxes also have only one weakness: they’re cheap boxes that fall apart if they touch their enemies: the evil Red Popsicle Sticks!
Warning No. 2: This game is hard. Easy to play. But hard to complete. So satisfying when you get the hang of it though :)”

And it looks like their about to release another one! And this one looks super cute: Little Medusa.

I’ll give more info when it’s officially released!

They also contacted me recently and said they’re considering doing an Arvale title. Not sure when I’ll have time to work on it, but I’m definitely excited!