Arvale: Treasure of Memories on Steam!


Arvale also available on Steam !

After many years of being written, developed, re-written, and re-developed, and spit-polished more times than I can count (which resulted in many wet computer monitors). The latest/greatest Arvale title for PC is now available in its entirety on Steam (that’s the same link, I’m aiming to include it in this post at least 10 times, let’s see if I can do it!).

For those that need a refresher (and let’s be honest, they can be refreshing!) on what the game is all about: Here is a description from the Steam store:

“Legends say he saved the world. Too bad he doesn’t remember, because to save it again, Duncan must retrieve his memories, in this exciting 20-hour RPG full of quests and hilarious dialogues!”

Here is a random screenshot from the game:


More pictures from the game can be found on the Steam website.

Also, a pretty nice video showing the gameplay can be found here:

A longer, fuller description of the game sounds something like this:

This installment of “Arvale”, released first on Steam , combines all four previously released episodes, making it a full, stand-alone game worth about 20 hours of gameplay.


Duncan Forsythe is the royal gardener of Entoque Castle. He spends his days battling nasty flower beds, hunting down poisonous weeds, and occasionally doing his Royal Majesty’s laundry.

Meanwhile, the buzz around the castle is that Duncan once saved the world. This is news to Duncan. He can’t remember a thing that happened over the last few years. He definitely doesn’t remember saving the world. Unfortunately, he may have to – lest the world get thrown into turmoil yet again. Dark forces are rising, and the key to defeating them lies in Duncan’s memory – the memory that is now scattered throughout the world of Arvale.

Take him on an epic quest to retrieve those memories and thwart certain doom for the entire world, all the while battling monsters, exploring dungeons, challenging dragons, rescuing fair maidens, gathering friends and foes, and strangely enough, talking with wheelbarrows.


* Large, immersive, visual world with a huge variety of locations.
* Interact with hundreds of amusing characters in the story
* Laugh. A lot. Arvale is known for its fun, hilarious dialogue
* Overachieve with many side-quests
* 2 hours of original music
* Many playable characters give a unique storytelling experience.
* Over 20 hours of Adventure game time!
* Equip your character with ever-cooler weapons, including swords, spears, whips and more
* Wield magic spells against your enemies, ranging from fire, ice and lightning spells to the stranger and more intriguing Filibuster and Minecraft.
* Battle evil beasts of all kinds, from tiny rats and bats to werewolves, demons, and ogres.
* Interact with thousands of non-player characters to learn more about the world and give you some entertainment along your way – a lot of those NPCs are pretty dang funny.
* Laugh. A lot. Arvale has become known for its fun, hilarious dialogue, and this game is no exception.
* Watch original cutscenes that unveil your character’s story. Since Duncan doesn’t know any more about it than you do, you’ll both be amazed by what you learn – and by the cool visuals.
* Overachieve with the option of many side-quests to collect more items and battle more monsters

Oh yeah, and the price? Insane. I don’t even know who decided this:
Right now there is an ALL CAPS SPECIAL PROMOTION! (it’s not actually called that, but I saw the SPECIAL PROMOTION part and thought all caps would be a funny name for a promotion)
Dicount: -40%
Total price for Arvale on Steam? $4.79
That’s cheaper than one of the original episodes!
(Offer ends August 21, so buy it now. But even if you’re late… $8?! Crazy!)

Did I mention the link on Steam? No? Silly me, well here it is!

TEN (I did it!)

All having fun aside. I would sincerely appreciate it if you purchase, play, and/or review the game. I spent a lot of time on it. Ended up in the hospital several times (possibly because of it), endured the largest Earthquake in Japan while in Japan, and all sorts of weird stuff which turned into their own adventures while making the game.

Will I get rich if you buy or do not buy the game. Hell no. It’s a labor of love and I wanted Duncan’s story and Arvale’s world to continue as much anything, so I wrote the game regardless. I *know* there are still some fans of the original titles on the now obscure Windows Mobile platform. In fact, I just saw this on Steam (11! heehee):

“Is this game somehow connected to these titles?

These are quite old games that was pretty damn good for Windows Mobile… with awesomely written adventure part in vein of old-school adventures (Monkey Island etc.). I remember that it was actually first really good game on my hp ipaq back in the days. And story, dialogs was written suprisingly good…”

The answer, of course being yes 🙂

Do you have to play the originals? Not at all. They were on  niche platform at the time and it’s expected that most have not played them. So I wrote the story to be exciting and new for anyone dropped into the Arvale universe.

Anyway. Thank you for taking time to read this post. And thanks in advance to everyone who enjoys the game!