New Arvale Game Release!

I’ve been prototyping a lot of different games and trying out a lot of different engines recently.

While doing so, I whipped up a quick little Arvale game which you can of course download for Free here.

Back in the Castle

It’s called Arvale: Really Short Tale. It involves Duncan after the events of Arvale: Journey of Illusion, and all Arvale fans will enjoy seeing him and Entoque again, I’m sure.

Veteran RPG’ers will most likely breeze through it in about 15 minutes.
Veteran Arvale players will probably occupy themselves for about an hour just checking things out 😉 (yes, there are a few Wheelbarrows)

Anyway, I’ll be prototyping a few more games over the next month or so, and I’ll try to share whatever I can with anyone who wants it. So I might as well set up a Free Games page here.

Install: Simply download the installer, and it should set it up on your computer just fine. (PC only, I’m afraid).

Controls: Pretty simple, mostly arrow keys and Enter/Space Key. Escape Key is the cancel button. You can also mouse around and click on characters (if you want, but I reccomend arrow keys/space as some mouse actions are wonky). You can also toggle Full Screen by hitting Alt+Enter if you really wish to. The rest, I’m sure you’ll figure out on your own. 😉