New Arvale Arhaeldem shots


A bit of a status update on the new Arvale game. I’m right about half way through completion. I’ve just finished an awesome underground aqueducts/sewer dungeon and finished reconstructing the town of Arhaeldem.

Arhaeldem has been featured in Arvale 1 (as a ruins dungeon) and Arvale 2 (as a city which you just can’t get into; Past, Present, or Future). In the new Arvale, the ruins have been half-reconstructed into its former glory as a large town, and will soon become the future of real politics on the Entoque continent.

I thought it would be interesting to compare some screenshots of the games to show the different phases Arhaeldem has gone through.


This was the front (in the iPhone version) as they were ruins of a destroyed town in Arvale 1.


This is the front in the new game, of the partially reconstructed town.


The front of Arhaeldem in the Future World of Arvale 2 (which you can’t actually enter). DeMenchev is hiding behind a tree 🙂 In the future, two statues stand before the front (the bottom left/right blue things in this pic)…


One of which has already been put up in the new Arvale (which I will finally name this Friday).


The backside of the Arhaeldem dungeon/ruins in Arvale 1.


Contrasted with the backside of the Arhaeldem city in the new Arvale.

I hope that’s enough of a teaser to keep your appetites whet for now.

See you soon!