Escape from Hellenvyrde Gameplay Video

Here’s entertainment for your Sunday Afternoon ๐Ÿ™‚

For those of you who want to see Escape from Hellenvyrde, but don’t want to actually get Neverwinter Nights just to play it (read: everyone)– I’ve recorded this 20 minute video for you. It plays through the entire demo so you can see the gameplay and conversations. Vimeo is fantastic quality too. Be sure to watch it in full screen so you can read the texts more clearly.

I think I played through it slowly enough for anyone to be able to read, but if anything goes to fast… sorry ๐Ÿ™‚ Be sure and read all the responses to the NPC characters. I forgot I wrote some of them and many of them made me laugh out loud quite a bit. What do you think of it?

I just had to make a video of it. I was too proud of the little demo. It holds a special place in my heart, so to speak. Andย  I know that most people don’t actually have Neverwinter Nights, I highly doubt anyone will go out and buy it just to play my little demo, and it’s getting ridiculously hard to run older games on Vista.

In fact, when I decided to record this video, I couldn’t even get Neverwinter Nights to run on Vista anymore. I have no idea what happened to Vista. It just continually blows more the longer I use it. I cringe every time I have to boot into Vista.

I finally got Neverwinter Nights to work by using Crossover on my Mac. Think about that.

For those interested, I recorded the movie with Camtasia for Mac. I love Camtasia Studio and used it extensively when recording gameplay videos for PDAmill Game Studios on the PC. I was super happy to see they have a Mac version. It’s simple to use, has plenty of editing and transition stuff, and captures video and audio rather seamlessly. (For system audio, you may have to download/update a free app called Soundflower, which allows you to re-route your system audio to an input). However…

Camtasia for Mac is nowhere near as awesome as it is on the PC. The export options are nowhere near as advanced or customizable. And the export function is slow and completely ridiculous. No matter what format you try to export to, it will first export it to a Quicktime movie (which takes forever, it’s really, really, really slow). And then it will transcode into whatever format you wanted all over again (even if you wanted to export to a quicktime movie, it will encode it twice!). Ridiculous. My Mac Book ain’t slow either, 2.4 GHz Core Duo with 4GB Ram should be more than enough.

And it doesn’t save a cache of the first rendering in case you want to take the same movie and simply output to a different format. Not only that, it continually fills my hard disk with temp files (that are completely hidden) which will only clear up after rebooting the OS. Someday, it may be as good as Camtasia Studio for PC, but that day is not today.

I don’t do screen captures often enough these days to do a full comparison, but I know there must be better screen movie capture utilities for Mac out there already.

I recorded it at the highest resolution and quality I could, I have no idea how Youtube will compress the hell out of it. Come to think of it, I don’t think Youtube even allows 20 minute videos. Damn, I gotta host it somewhere…

Vimeo it shall be!