Arvale: Treasure of Memory Update, Almost Done


It’s 1:00AM and I’m blogging an update on Arvale: Treasure of Memories for you. That’s how dedicated I am 🙂

I’ll just post a bunch of screenshots first as it will give me some time to formulate words:



Ah yes, the game has a sideview multiple character party battle system now.


I love snow.


Aww, yeah! The Trade is still in business!


Some magic spell.


Duncan loves the sea.

As far as progress on the game. I’m honestly almost ready to set a release date soon. The Main Quest is done. Main cutscenes and story are done. All NPCs are done. Most Sidequests and Dungeons are up and running. The only thing I have written down in my notebook right now is:

Finish Sidequests, Add Wheelbarrows and miscellaneous trigger texts, Dungeon Cleanup, Minor cutscenes/story, Misc. SFX/Music direction, Level+Monster+Items+Weapons+Armor+Chests+Shops Balance (read: economy). So, it’s winding up/down pretty soon.

I’ll keep you posted on a release date as soon as I think I can find a window.