ATM, Ep II Progress and My Apartment

Why is it that I seem to have titles with two completely unrelated things in them?

In any case, Duncan above is pointing towards progress. The game is almost done. But.

But? I’m currently moving into a new apartment, making things a bit hectic. I planned on releasing the game on April 3rd (although, I don’t think I ever made it official) and I’m still aiming for it, but…

But– I won’t have any internet access in my new place for like a week. And, I’d really like to spit-shine and test the heck out of the game a bit more before it gets released. If even only for a few days. One week tops.

For the record, the game is really awesome. And pretty. And fun. 🙂

I’ll keep everyone updated as from wherever I can access the internet. 🙂

And no, I won’t pull any April Fool’s jokes on you tomorrow, we’re all too cool (and too busy) for that.