Arvale Episode 3 Progress, Tentative Release Date

Been awhile since I posted on the progress of Arvale: Treasure of Memories(Episode III),  so I thought I should do so.

The game is coming along, and if all goes well, I hope to release it at the end of this month; that would be July (right?).

And above is a screenshot from the upcoming game. It’s in the town of Portophus on the continent of Garga.

So is this one. Garga is an interesting continent, being the largest in Arvale, with the biggest political power. Yet, it clings on to many of its old belief systems (and looks a lot like Ancient Greece/Rome at times). I’d go into more detail, but hey… let’s save that for the game 🙂

One more of the same town before I go. Hope that tides some of you over 😉 It should go without saying, any of the above screenshots may change by the time the game is released. They may also turn into cheesecake, pizza, or meatloaf. I shall not be responsible for any of those possibilities.

More to come soon! Bur for now, I gotta get back to work on it.

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