Arvale: Treasure of Memories, Episode III RELEASED!

New Arvale III Screens, Same Great Taste with Half the Calories

I figure I damn big picture is worth a big damn thousand words. :)

That’s right, Arvale: Treasure of Memories, Episode III is released! Click on the above pic, or that last link for all the juicy info.

You can start a topic in the Forums and post your thoughts on the game, or if you get stuck… you know, forum-y things if you feel so inclined 😉 Like… about how awesome the new mouse controls are.

In any case, I’m super happy the game is released I sincerely hope everyone enjoys playing it as much as I enjoyed making it!

It will soon be available on the wonderful Amaranthia, Aldorlea, and OverCloud9 sites as well. So be on the lookout for them!

And have a wonderful Saturday!

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  • Danniel(D-Squall) Aug 9, 2010

    Hi Jaybot, Im here to ask a favour.
    First of all, I like to say that the game is really cool and funny as always and exciting and almost everthing of good… except for one thing.

    The monsters of Majesto Grove are way too hard, really, really, really hard. They kill me very fast and they have tons and tons of HP. One spell of a sorceress there kill one ally, it’s even impossible to train there to get stronger. So, you could upload the game again with easier enemies in this part? ^^

  • Jason Surguine Aug 9, 2010

    On average, it takes 3 trips there (and about 10-20 Ethers each time) :) (on your third trip back to the forest you’ll be much stronger)

    You’re much stronger than you think (I’m guessing your party is Duncan , Sakrya, and two other people… Chev and doesn’t matter that much :) )

    Take advantage of Sakyra’s abilities. Use Sakyra’s Medley once you get it, if she doesn’t have Sakyra’s Medley yet, make great use of Enticing Tune and the one that confuses all enemies. Use Chev’s poison ability. And other things which disable the enemies advantages. In fact, Sakyra’s stuff almost feels like cheating!

    Basically, once they can’t attack you anymore (or they are attack themselves :D) it becomes much easier.

    Let me know if that helps a bit.

  • Danniel(D-Squall) Aug 9, 2010

    Actually ^^ I use these tatics, they quite useful but not enough. The counfusion status is hard to inflict, and when inflicts it isn’t too useful cause the enemies get away fast from the spells. I use Sakyra Medley, the Enticing Tune aswell. But still, it doesn’t help much… hmmm… how can I say.
    4 times I use these tatics, 3 times I die in battle O.o!!!

  • Jason Surguine Aug 10, 2010

    Sounds like you’re headed in the right direction already :)

    Also be sure to equip whatever the highest stuff you can afford on Duncan, Sakyra (and other characters when you get the money). Also, invest in the accessories! For your fighters, pick up the adventure braces as it automatically raises your strength by 6 and its only 4500 Gold. For your mages, pick up the Focus accessory which adds 6 to spirit. It makes quite a big difference :)

    Oh, and make good use of the Potion-Z (I think it is, it’s not too expensive and it will heal all your members for 3000 at the same time!), use the Sakyra Medley every round if you can (until all the enemies are confused/paralyzed); then chop down the enemies HP using Duncans V-cut and your other fighter (Chev: Mazulen Fist/Konijan Slice; Kryngk: Friend Toss Plus, etc) and the enemies should go down after 3 or 4 rounds at the max. If you find any of your character’s falling during a battle, don’t panic and use either Sakyra’s Resurrect All or the Life Potion Alpha/Beta (which revives and gives a lot of health).

    All of the enemies have around 6000-8000 HP if I recall correctly, so using Duncan’s V-cut (it should be taking around 1000HP or more by using it once). Also keep in mind that just beating up one or two monsters and then leaving will still boost your XP enough to reach another level.

    Each time I make it to the end most of the characters are around level 37-39… so shoot for that level I think.

  • Danniel(D-Squall) Aug 14, 2010

    Oh thank you ^^ I finished the game and I must say that it was pretty good. Fun, good an cheap.
    There was only two things that I dind’t like. the menu with mouse and the game was really small O.o

    Anyway, thanks for the game. I was anxiously waiting for this. ^^

  • Jason Surguine Aug 14, 2010

    Great! Glad you enjoyed it!

    Noted. Mouse controls are mostly nice, but are too difficult to access the menus if you have a monster running at you 😉 I’ll do my best to remedy that in the next, final Episode.

    Really small? What was your final save time? From what I have gathered, many people finish the game with 4-5 hours on their save time, which is about the same as Episode II… I think?

    In any case, the last episode will be very, very, very long. :)

  • Danniel(D-Squall) Aug 14, 2010

    I had problems with that about the mouse too, but I managed to finish the game… which was a good thing, at least for me XD. And other problem with the mouse, is that if you want to go somewhere, and click… Duncan won’t stope until he reach the location that you clicked, even if you move around with the arrows.

    Episode II I finished with 5hrs as for this one I finished… my last save was 2:56… but I don’t mind too much, as the game has costed only 5 dollars. XD