Arvale II: Ocean of Time for iPhone released!

You read that right. The long awaited sequel to Arvale: Journey of Illusion, Arvale: Ocean of Time, is now available for iPhone!

Aside from dropping the II from the title (don’t blame me, blame marketing people), the game is completely intact; and in my opinion, super-improved from its original Windows Mobile incarnation. I’d go on, but I’ve pretty much covered most of the new features in my previous posts here and here.

Update: I’ve read a few reviews stating that the D-Pad is missing from the game (which also makes dialogue choices difficult). The last time I played it there was a D-pad, yet it had to be selected from the options in the main menu. I’m shocked that this wasn’t set as the default. I’ll try to get them to set it as the default with the next update.

For more official information on the game, check its PDAmill Game Studios page here.

Then head on over the the iTunes store and check it out, here.