Arvale: Treasure of Memories, Episode 2 Video

The Lazy Man’s Way to Tokyo, Day 16

Since I released Arvale: Treasure of Memories, Episode 2, there has been a lot of interest in the game. And possibly a bit of confusion about what’s new, what’s different, and what’s awesome.

So, I figured I would make a video showing off the latest additions to the series, some new battles, new characters, new places, new scenes, new wheelbarrows, and (of course) some new gags ;)

I probably should have made the video earlier, but you know what? I forgot to Sorry! :)

Look forward to new tibits of information about the latest Episode coming… soon.

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  • Danniel (D-Squall) May 2, 2010

    still too long until we know about the new episode ^^!

  • Jason Surguine May 2, 2010

    I love using ‘soon’ it’s so vague :)

    I’ll give some details in the next few days. ;)

  • Danniel (D-Squall) May 3, 2010

    Right! Im really looking foward! Your games are one of the best games made on RPGVX, keep like that!

  • Shilo May 6, 2010

    Jay, Jay, Jay…what am i going to do with you?

    Episode II…sheer brilliance. I laughed, I cried (well, not really), I dreamed of DeMenchev (yes, really, he is dead sexy.) Amazing fun, and who cares how Silk managed to live? She’s one resourceful gal.
    OMG, the Placebook entries had me on the floor.

    I enjoyed revisiting Invyl and Melonchi — very nice translation to your new format. And of course, I talked to all the wheelbarrows and enjoyed the tavern arguments over beer. Not sure which beer is my favorite yet, but i don’t think the Fruitails really qualify. Thanks again for sharing your wit and wisdom with the RPG world. We need you.

  • Jason Surguine May 7, 2010


    Well, thank you very 1much :) You dreamed of DeMenchev? But, but… he’s not *in* Episode II… ;) Silk managed to live by finishing Journey of Illusion with the good ending ;)

    Glad you enjoyed it so 2much and I hope you enjoy Episode III just as… 3much? 4Much 5much 6much. (I just woke up).

    And stop making me blush!

  • Brett May 27, 2010

    So Duncan walks into a bar, walks up to a guy, hits enter. What does Duncan say?

  • Jason Surguine May 27, 2010

    I dunno, what? :)

  • Brett May 27, 2010

    Nice hat.

    …. I didn’t mean it to be clever. I guess it’s more of a general RPG question/comment. My character starts a conversation with a random person, that random person starts talking about whatever is on his/her mind, tells his/her life story or whatever. What did my character say? Hi?

  • Jason Surguine May 27, 2010

    Interesting question.

    Depends on the situation of course. I think it depends on what is going on in the current story, like ‘Hi, I’m Duncan, the Brave Hero of Legend, I’m looking for dragons, any idea where to find one?’ Or ‘Where is the closest Wheelbarrow?’

    On the other hand, I do put in lots of characters which start the conversation with you… simply from making eye contact (or similar). Like the people that say things like ‘Welcome to our Town!’ or ‘What can I get you to drink?’

    I’m pretty sure it’s contextual (and if it weren’t, then be thankful it’s left out of the beginning of every conversation). :)