TheEndApp New Tracks

Since TheEndApp made a few splashes and got about 3 million downloads in its first month, I figured it was only a matter of time before a cool update was done… and it was! They added an entirely new London set of maps and 4 new characters to the game.

Of course, with that amount of content, I couldn’t simply rest on my laurels with just one music track. So… I made a bunch more, all of which are available in the game. But just in case you don’t have the game, I’ve been allowed to post some previews of the newly available tracks.

And just to rage against the machine, the first preview I’m posting hasn’t even gone live into the latest update yet (it’s going into the next one, though!), so you’re absolutely hearing it here first!

So, without further ado… Here is a preview of the music track simply named: The Violin.

(Right click to Save As… or just click on it and your browser should be smart enough to play the mp3)

I’ll post more of the new tracks in time, you know, when I’m allowed to do so. Until then, enjoy!