The Lazy Man’s Way to Tokyo, Day 8

Felt like catching a movie and felt like going to Yokohama. So decided to I see a movie in Yokohama.


Stopped at a cute, faux-french place for brunch and had some soup and salad…


Followed by some penne-pasta with salmon.


The decoration was pretty good, even down to the plants growing in the windowsill.


In fact, the place was far too cute for any real man to eat in. Which of course meant I was the only guy there 🙂

But the view from the seat was totally manly:


I swear that is the same freeway from Final Fantasy VII, where you escape from Midgar the first time. Even down to the small half-truck looking vehicle. Unfortunately, there was no Tifa 😉


This was the desert menu. I decided to keep with the theme of the restaurant and would keep my girlish figure by not eating any. Off to the movies, then…

Japanese movie theaters have several interesting points.


For starters, they’re damn expensive. US Theaters are on their way up as well, but not quite at $15-20 per ticket yet. On the flip-side, the popcorn and drinks are normal priced at about $3 for a small popcorn and drink; so I guess it works out.


You also get to choose your seat. This is similar to European theaters: Assigned seating. I think it’s quite fair that if you buy your ticket early, you can get good seats. And nobody will steal it while you’re up getting popcorn.


To keep people from hanging out in the theater itself for too long (and making a mess, getting free shows, etc), they encourage you to hang out in the lobby with lots of benches. This also allows them to have showings really close together (that combined with the fact that the theater will remain spotless as Japanese tend to clean up after themselves).


They even have brochures for each upcoming movie while you wait.


These are the upcoming attractions. I’m sure you recognize at least zero of them 🙂

For the record, I saw ホッタラケの島 (Hotarake no Shima) this translates something like Island of Forgotten Things. A Hotaraku is something that you once loved as a kid (that favorite toy or game) which you have forgotten about and threw away.

The movie was pretty good animated flick. Story telling needed some work (no reason to hate the villain), but great aside from that. It really excelled in the creativity department. It reminded me of Tim Burton a lot (if Tim Burton took some anti-depressants and used colors other than black). Needless to say the CG visuals were amazing.

Stopped at a Pier One-ish type shop afterwards (which there are a truckload in Japan). You knew the type of shop, which sells all sorts of random crap which you think you need for your home and would ‘spice it up’ with something that no one aside from your neighbor has.

The main difference in Japan, is that they include chopsticks…


And giant Croc sandals 🙂


It got dark, and I felt guilty for not taking a pic of Yokohama while I was there, so I grabbed one night-time shot on the water.

Went to a ワタミ 居酒屋 for dinner.


Started with 馬刺 That’s basashi. It’s raw horse meat. When the Americans are done cringing, make sure to keep reading as it is absolutely delicious. 🙂


And Caesar salad…


Salmon and Egg Salad.


Grilled Mushroom Fondue…


Which you cook yourself on this contraption.


And Teriyaki Steak skewer thing (sorry, it’s late/early I can’t make up gourmet vocabulary).

All that delicious, sexy food for very little. Total cost (for two people): 2000 Yen (~$20).

じゃ〜 I’m off to bed! See you tomorrow!

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