The Lazy Man’s Way to Tokyo, Day 17

I can’t even make up a good story for what I did today 🙂 , since I mostly did nothing but relax and prepare for tomorrow.

So instead, I’ll share some pics and stories that I didn’t have time to discuss before 🙂


This demon warrior waved at me when I entered a Shinto Temple 神社.

Which made this demon warrior jealous:


The best thing about the Yamanote Line 山手線 is that if you miss your stop:


…and you’re really bored, it goes in a circle. So you can just wait about 60 minutes and catch it the next time around (ironically, the advertisements they run repeat about 60 minutes too 😉

Don’t drink and drive. It’s dangerous.


If you do plan on drinking and driving, be sure not to leave your beer glass on top of your car while driving. That’s a dead giveaway to cops 😛


My Kanji name so far: for Jason is 自衛尊. Which is pretty カッコイイ (cool) and easy to read、but also a bit 偉そう (err conceited). (The kanji would roughly translate to 自Oneself, 衛Protection, 尊Revered).


Which is kinda how I look on this mountain 😉

I finally picked up a 電気辞書 (electronic dictionary) in the attempt to go fully monolingual when looking things up and decided on this one:


It’s a Casio Ex-Word XD-SF6300. I plan on turning my search for that (and why I decided on this model) into an article all on its own.

Apparently, my Shinto God (based on my birthday… similar to astrology):


Is a chicken (?!). Decidedly 西 (Western) though. 🙂

I never mentioned going to the beach…


Because it was back in August. But I do have to mention the big 海の家 beach house veranda type things. Where you pay like $5 for the day and you have a shelter from the sun, a bunch of clean tables where you can order food, lockers to put your stuff, and showers (plus shampoo and stuff).


This made me quite happy.

And of course, I did eat some food today (for those of you who come here just for the food 😉 ):


Fresh pizza and tabasco.


This was called a パパイ Popeye egg. I can only imagine because it included spinach.

Tomorrow, I’m going back to 横浜 Yokohama for sight-seeing, a movie, drinking at an 居酒屋 and perhaps, if I’m lucky, カラオケ (Karaoke). 😉


See you tomorrow then. また明日! バイバイ お休み!

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