The Lazy Man’s Way to Tokyo, Day 14


There is no better way to start the day than with a perfectly balanced breakfast of Calorie Mate 😉

Who needs boring real food when scientists can make something perfectly balanced and taste good for me?


(I’m sure anyone who has played Metal Gear Solid 3 is getting a kick out of this).

I picked this up a at Lawson’s earlier in the day.


Lawson’s convenience store actually originated in Ohio in the states. It no longer exists in the states and is now one of the biggest convenience store chains in Japan. Figure that out 🙂

Actually, I took most of the day to rest and relax. If you think I don’t deserve to relax after being lazy this whole time, read the title again 😉 Also, here is what I have accomplished by being lazy in the past 14 days:


I read this much manga (that’s about 15 books).

I tried about 50 new dishes.


I progressed about 5 more hours into Dragon Quest IX (awesome game).

I climbed a mountain.

I reviewed over 2000 日本語 sentences in Anki. I reviewed around 600 漢字 Kanji in Anki.

I was stuck in a 30th birthday party full of Japanese female flight attendants.

I’ve been to 品川、新宿、秋葉、高尾山、横浜、羽田、川崎、蒲田、文京区 (and more).

It’s amazing what you can accomplish in 14 days, even while being lazy 😉

I spent the rest of the afternoon reading manga and playing Dragon Quest IX.

Had lunch with Ponyo!


That’s the same ラメン bowl that’s in the movie. Lawson’s had a promotion last month where if you collected enough points from buying stuff (they put special Ponyo stickers on certain items), you trade in your Ponyo points for a free Ponyo bowl. Ponyo Ponyo Ponyo.

I put 焼き蕎麦 (Yakisoba) inside though, not ramen. 🙂

Finished up One Piece 7, had one of my favorite snacks:


Hard to explain it. It says it’s chicken flavored ramen snack, but it’s not. It’s a crunchy paradise of flavor in the oasis of your mouth. 🙂

Went out to study for most of the evening. When I came back, I didn’t feel much like cooking, or going out. So I asked science to fill me up again:


That’s Jelly filled with vitamins and minerals and other good stuff. Japanese are big on Jelly. So much so, that I am sure they invented this squeezey contraption with the built in straw for fast, easy consumption.

That staved off hunger for a couple hours until I had these Korean noodles before going to bed.


Korean meaning it had キムチ(Kimchi)and it was ridiculously spicy. Not recommended before bedtime 😉

Okay, I’m out! またね!おやすみ!

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