The Lazy Man’s Way to Tokyo, Day 12

Long post today, lots of pics, totally worth it.

Headed to Shinjuku 新宿. Walked out of the station to find this clown…


I mean priest. Buddhist priest hiding behind another person. He’s the one dressed up like a Samurai. He hid behind someone everytime I tried to take his picture.

Needed food. Shopped around. Thought about using a Vending machine:


Basically, it saves all the hassle of ordering your food when you get inside the restaurant. You decide on what you want, pay, and then hand the ticket to the person at the counter, who brings it to the cook and eventually brings your food.

Browsed around some more, looking at lots of these fake dishes in the windows:


Decided on something different:


That’s 何 err ナン err Nan 🙂 It’s a giant piece of flatbread (tasty!) used for scraping curry flavored dog-food (also tasty!) into your mouth.


And it doesn’t fit on the plate.

Stopped by the Washington Hotel, which looks like this:


And has an automatic checkout thing like this:


No, I wasn’t staying there. I was just meeting someone there. But I did visit this hotel a few years ago and went to an 居酒屋 which allowed you to fish from a lake full of fish underneath your table, while you ate.


Stared at people crossing the street and watching cars drive on the left side of the road for awhile:


Went into the shopping/eating district:


Where every shop/restaurant/etc looks tiny on the outside. But is actual huge on the inside:


Which probably explains the design of all Japanese RPG games 🙂


Ahhh! Music Gear! No, no.. I can’t possibly buy any more… maybe I’ll just look…

Other things on display were these waterproof cellphones:


Which had a display with a running waterfall over the models. I won’t make any lame musician jokes about Waterphones.


A $900 air-cleaner with a mohawk.

I guess I can’t get away from mentioning games. Japan is at the heart of gaming. I went to a game shop and they had an entire floor dedicated to DS. To say the DS is popular in Japan is an understatement. Aside from the 10 aisles of titles, separated by category (RPG, Adventure, Action, Books, Applications, Girl Stuff, Kids Games, ???), they also had each wall plastered with tons of DS accessories. This is one section of one wall:


And another:


I won’t harp on what titles were available or what I bought, as that’s just silly.

Okay, one:


This might even be available in other countries, but I’ve never seen it. I saw this -and the original controller attachment- and got immediate pangs of nostalgia for the original NES release. Ahh, memories. That may be the only controller for the NES I didn’t break.

As for games which require no electricity. I saw this brilliant take on Jenga:


You stack up the ice-cream with the scoop and see how high you can get it before it falls over. I made it to 5 🙁

And card games (Yu-Gi-Oh, Magic, etc), which are insane in Japan, had an entire floor dedicated to them as well.


Fun trinkets include: Keychains that play the melody of your favorite JR train stop:


A 7-channel speaker system which played special Jazz CDs and would route the appropriate instrument to the correct player. Quite entertaining, actually.


I became tired, it started raining. So I decided to stop in the best pub-chain in Japan: Pronto. And enjoy my favorite beer glass:


It’s made of bronze and it keeps your beer really cold. And has cute coaster with practical advice!


Took the train back home and found this guy carrying… I have no idea. Neither does anyone else. Looks like a weapon to me.


Then went for dinner. Had various dishes:


It’s not a bowl of Snot. It’s octopus and wasabi 😉


鮭 Sashimi.


The healthy part of the chicken, on a stick.


A fresh waffle with ice-cream and maple syrup and mmmmmmmmmmm! Yum.

Alright, it’s quite late, I’m off to bed! See you tomorrow! バイバイ〜

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