The Lazy Man’s Way to Tokyo, Day 11

Today, I’ll try something different. I’ll just post pictures with hints, and see if you can guess the story.


Japanese microwave.


暖め Warming Start button. This is the only button you need, ever (and it’s awesome). You can guess what it does (similar to what the washing machine does, mentioned here)


Lipovitan D. The original Red Bull, since the 1960s. Don’t believe me? Read the story on Wikipedia.


1000mg of Taurin. 20mg of Nicotin…酸アミノ? No wonder it’s so addictive!


Chicken Sandwich.


Sapporo Ramen. Accept no substitutes.


Pink?! ノノジ Food should never be that color pink, or that cute.


Sweet Corn Chowder

豚肉と野菜と大蒜となんとか Pork Veggies Garlic and… something.

Hope that entertained you for a bit. (And no, it’s not really nicotine, it’s nicotinamide amino acid or something, it’s just a form of vitamin B, (we changed the B vitamin names to Niacin in English for the same reason you became scared 🙂

Tomorow, I’m going to 新宿 Shinjuku and perhaps 秋葉 Akiba to pick up some お土産 Omiyage for my friends/family.

See you tomorrow!

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The Lazy Man’s Way to Tokyo, Day 11