The Lazy Man’s Way to Tokyo, Day 10

I feel like I’m running a marathon here. But without all that running, getting tired, and drinking all that water nonsense. This is way more fun.


Weather-wise, Autumn has officially started. I swear last week it was hot, even when it was raining and Typhoon-ing. This week it’s magically 18F degrees cooler (10C). I’ll blame the cooler weather for sleeping in 🙂

Wait-a-sec… I didn’t sleep in! I felt groggy as hell though, so I headed to a Ministop (ah, you thought I would say Sunkus again!)


…and picked up a Red Bull and this delicious breakfast:


Your eyes don’t deceive you. That is a Belgian Waffle, complete with maple syrup flavoring 🙂 I also picked up this:


Even if it deceivingly says ランチパック on it (Lunch pack), I didn’t care. It’s pretty much what it says on the package a 葡萄とホイップサンド 🙂 That’s um, Grape Jelly and Whip Cream sandwich. What? Jelly is healthy! So is bread! They also have Strawberry and Margarine 😉 Here’s the cool part though:


As you can see, the bread is closed all around the sides. So none of that jelly falling out of the sides and getting all over your hands and pants stuff which happens with regular jelly sandwiches.

I should mention that Ministop (and most convenience stores in Japan) also features a small kitchen. Which can prepare real sandwiches and other snacks are cooked/made for you. But remember, I’m cheap and lazy, cheap, pre-packaged goods will always win me over 😉

Another interesting thing to note is that at most convenience stores in Japan you can pay your bills (electricity, water, cell phone, almost anything) post mail, make photocopies, and even buy tickets for many concerts and festivals. Convenient, huh?

Walked over to the local 本屋 (Book Store) and picked up another episode of One Piece (am I on 6 already? Geez). I also browsed around for a bit and picked up Rookies (which is kind of about the manager of a high school baseball team full of punk kids) because it was easy to read and full of swear words… what? It’s academic! 😉 I also picked up the first book of ゴルゴ13, That would be Golgo 13. If there are any older gamers out there that just had nostalgia for the NES game, I feel ya 🙂


I couldn’t help myself and polished off the new One Piece which lasted until lunch.


Made up for my ‘unhealthy’ breakfast with a chicken and egg and noodle salad concoction 🙂

The rest of the afternoon I spent studying, which I don’t believe warrants a picture. So we’ll skip to my 牛丼 Dinner:


ぎゅうどん (Gyuudon) Basically translates to Beef Bowl. But in your mouth it translates to the 12 Gods of Mount Takao‘s gift to Man. Gyuudon is possibly my favorite food on the face of this planet. In fact, I liked it so much, that I began eating it without taking a picture until I was half-way through and finally remembered (sorry). It’s basically some sort of magically flavored (from the Virgin Faeries of Hokkaido) Beef with Grilled Onions on top of Rice. That’s it. I can’t explain why it is so tasty, but the prevalence of restaurants dedicated to them such as 吉野や (Yoshinoya)、松屋 (Matsuya)、and スキヤ(Sukiya) show that I am not alone in this feeling 😉 Strangely enough, women do not seem as attracted to Gyuudon as men. Which led me to my theory about the Virgin Faeries.

I’ll be honest and say that I spent a good chunk my evening re-writing the About page. The old one was kinda dry and didn’t tell much of my story (and I am sure there is still plenty to add to it). Now it’s much more exciting, albeit a bit long. But hey, it gives you something to read.

And for those of you with a tear in your eye just at the mention of Golgo 13, here you go, the epic title music: Golgo 13 Title

Alright, I’m off to bed! お休みなさい! (Oyasuminasai, Good night)

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