The Lazy Man’s Way to Tokyo


Okay, it’s September 1st (on this side of the world). I’ve been hanging out in Tokyo for far too long without posting stuff about it.

So I’ve decided over my last 20 days here to write a post each day about what I did for the day, and try to gives reasons and answers like: why Tokyo is a lot cheaper than you’ve been told, how gross/tasty the food is here, and what the hell there is to do here if you’re as much of a lazy bastard as I am 🙂

This morning, I woke up around noon (hey, I was up till 3am working on Arvale: ST) and got breakfast for two people (you know, donuts and stuff) from a Sunkus (a convenience store, actually owned by Circle K), and picked up drinks (Coke, Tea, Red Bull, etc) for the next few days… spent about $10. Pretty much what I would have spent at any Cricle K in the states.

Day 1 continues: here

And it really starts to pick up momentum around Day 2: here 😉

Happy New Year! Bring on 2011! Yeah!