The Incredible Shrinking Studio: Complete

I promised some pics of the Incredible Shrinking Studio in it’s most recent carnation (in my tiny apartment in Tokyo) a while back. Since I’ve been working on a bunch of music for a super secret project recently, I was able to snap a few pics while I had it set up.

So that’s how it looks 🙂

I also have a table of optional stuff which can be swapped out for the Akai LPK 25 which looks like this:

From top to bottom on the left, that would be the Pentax Portable Scanner and PocketJet printer. a BLUE bluebird microphone, a Flip Mino HD (for video), a Sony ICD-UX70 for stereo mp3 recording, some audio technica  pro 700 headphones (great), some Sony MDR-XD300 (cheap), and some Koss uh, somethings (super cheap). On the right side is the Traveler Pro guitar.

What do you think? Small enough? Something else I really need to add?

Xmas Holidays in Japan, Part 2