Random Japanese Stuff for Study, Part 2

Leaving off from here. More random pics of Japanese stuff which ranges from mundane to outlandish.

Above is a  sliced-sausage donut.

A local, neighborhood map.

The trashy book section of a book store. My favorite 🙂

And more…

Still love this title.

Wait a second… that’s Korean! (あなたの韓国語の片仮名はどう?)

See, the difference between a connector and a charger?

Watch your head! (ずじょうだ。I know, but it *is* actually used, as you can see here)

The perfect example of 盛り合わせ。

Not really in this picture, but I just thought of something; don’t let anyone (日本人も先生も)ever tell you you don’t need to be able to say/read 玉蜀黍 because they have the 片仮名 for コーン。That’s bupkiss.

馬鹿な平仮名、鯖。There, know you can use both 🙂

Oh alright, I’m in a good mood: 眺望 敬策路入口… the rest is in your hands

This pic is awesome. You won’t find this 漢字 combination in many other places.

In the same way that you won’t find this 漢字 unless you’re reading women’s health articles.

I still want to take a bath with Mario.

You’d be hard-pressed to find a cooler way of presenting 灰皿

Aside from the drawings, the 日本語の説明文書 are actually really concise and easier to follow than other languages (Magyarul, I’m looking at you 😉 ).

Hope that helps some!

Now… back to studying! 😀