Random Japanese Stuff for Study

This post will be really boring if you don’t understand Japanese, or if you aren’t studying Japanese.

But if you are , then it should be a good source of material from every stuff to random-ass-kanji you’ll rarely see anywhere else. This kind of stuff is a gold mine for people using an SRS. Or just finished Heisig. Or simply looking for actual Japanese material to study from.

I won’t bother to type out the kanji, nor the readings. In fact, I won’t even rotate the original images. That’s more fun for you 😉


Healthy snack.

For your safety.

Scary gum!

Kitchen tool for donut-making.

Tasty aliens!

Starting soon…

Analog TVs are going away, so you gotta prepare…

And here is how to do it!

With some caveats.

These books are popular among kids-teens right now.

Authentic…. children’s newspaper actually.

Oh the things we do for smooth looking skin…

This stuff goes great with beer actually.

And… my fingers are tired, I’ll do this again shortly.

Enjoy for now!