Random Japanese Stuff and Fake Beer

Hello Kitty earplugs. Because the character on your earplug case totally matters. 🙂

Pretty busy these days, so I’m copping out and just posting a few funny pictures of stuff I found over the past few days 😉

‘Bistro bear is a gentleman in the best English tradition. He is bright, sophisticated and very gallant. Women enjoy his conversation either.’ Either.

I’m not a big fan of making fun of bad English (or Engrish as some people like to call it), because I personally suck and make mistakes in many languages. But if you’re going to go to the trouble of printing something? It ain’t that difficult to ask a native speaker if it’s correct.

This is a 丼 Donburi (okay, it’s not, it’s a 椀 or 茶碗 but seriously, you’re nitpicking :P). Which really just means a small bowl for rice or other stuff. I thought the pig was cute, and hungry. It will also make later Japanese Jazz Cooking articles look a bit better than a bland tupperware thing.

Clear Asahi. Don’t worry, it’s not a throwback to Crystal Pepsi in the beer world. It’s just a crisp, clean, refreshing beer. And dirt cheap. Because it’s not real beer.

Not real beer? Japan has a funny taxation system and beer gets heavily taxed. Breweries figured this out quickly and people didn’t want to break the bank just to get drunk, so Happoshu ‘beer’ was invented. 発泡性 (はっぽうせい… err, しゅ)which translates to effervescent, fizzy, or foamy. All I know is that it means cheap beer that tastes almost exactly like expensive beer. I’ve heard it’s made from a certain amount of hops versus barley to avoid taxation that real beer has. Too lazy to look it up the really real answer. If anyone knows the real reason, please let me know. Anyone?

The Lazy Man’s Way to Tokyo, Day 16