The Great Wheelbarrow Incident Part 2

Continuing to unravel the mystery of the Great Wheelbarrow Incident 🙂

(click on the above comic for a bigger picture)

The Great Wheelbarrow Incident

I get quite a few questions from people playing Arvale: Treasure of Memories, and one that keeps popping up is people’s burning curiosity to know what actually happened during the Great Wheelbarrow Incident 🙂

I do plan on explaining it fully someday, but until that day comes… I’ll give a few more clues as to what happened in a series of comics (click on the above comic for a bigger picture).


TheEndApp is Released! TheEndMusic is Mine!


Not to overshadow the recent release of what I consider my opus: Arvale: Treasure of Memories, IV

… but a little title called TheEndApp was released recently, with a quite a bit of fanfare (apparently, it’s even a featured game on the iTunes game store page).

It’s an Endless Running game, like one of my all time favorites: Canabalt (totally free, don’t worry), *but* in 3D, in an post apocalyptic world, and collecting lots of Duct Tape. Which, you know, makes it super cool (and really funny, in my opinion).

Oh yeah, and according to the team that made it, Goroid , I made the music and sound for the game. So I can’t argue with that.

The game is currently for iPhone and iPads at the moment, but I’ve heard plans for an Android version to be released as well.

Oh, and it’s free to download, which makes it twice as awesome.

So for those of you kids with iPads and iPhones, go and grab it while it’s hot!


Arvale: Treasure of Memories IV Video

Since I released Arvale: Treasure of Memories, Episode 4, there was a lot of interest in the game (and after such a long time, why wouldn’t there be?). Especially concerning many of the features, story, and controls which are new, different, and awesome.

So, I figured I would make a video showing off the latest additions to the series, some new battles, new characters, new places, new scenes, new wheelbarrows, and of course some new gags 🙂

So there it is, and for those of you already playing the game (thank you!) you may notice a few hidden features you never noticed before 😉


Oh, and to all my American friends: Happy 4th of July!

Arvale: Treasure of Memories, Episode IV Released!

It’s times like this where the title really speaks for itself. But just in case, it didn’t:

Arvale: Treasure of Memories, Episode IV is now available!

So click on the pic above, or the link above, or go the the Games page or click on that little badge on the right side of the screen. In any case, go get the game!

If you’re super impatient, here’s a link to buy it immediately!

And, as is a custom with every release: Here is a beautiful 1280×1010 Wallpaper of the title art, by the ridiculously talented Ryan Anspach.

You’re not still reading this, are you? Go play the game!

I’ll just take this opportunity to thank everyone for their infinite patience and kindness during the development of the game. Seriously, I couldn’t have finished it all without you.

I hope that everyone enjoys the game even more than I had making it!

Now, go! Go, play!

Arvale IV Soft Release

If this title picture is any indicator of the progress with the game (and it is); historically, that means the game is just about finished!

I’m still not brave enough to give a solid, hard release date because, honestly, I’m scared to. Remember what happened the last two times? Yeah, I ended up in the hospital! So… third times a charm and all that, but I’d prefer to avoid it.

What I will say is this: The game is done. It’s playable. It’s missing a wheelbarrow here and there and some slight tweaking needs to be done to the balance and some random polishing. But other than that, it’s done.

So, gimme a week or two and I’ll work out all the kinks. Then we can play 🙂


Two More Reasons to Hire a Real Artist

Yup, it’s that time again. Time to make fun of my drawing ability… and show what the new title screen for Arvale: TOM, Episode 4 will look like!

Click on the above to see my original layout sketch of the next title screen in all its stick-figure glory 🙂

Now, you may be wondering, ‘What the heck is it?!’ So I imagine a bit of explanation is in order.

As I have said previously, the game will branch off into three playable stories. Without giving too much away:

The top-left corner, is Duncan and Noko being chased by a Leviathan.

The top-right corner, has Chev working on something and Sakyra looking at the tools he is working with.

The bottom (uh, corner?), has Cyper up against a wall listening in on a conversation at night-time in the city of Garga.

So… perhaps you can ween some information about the upcoming story or gameplay from that bit of info there.

Oh right, and what it looks like when a real artist works on it?

It looks something a bit more like this:



Click on it see it in in all of its not-stick-figure glory… and Enjoy!

Oh, and if any of my previous posts on title screens are an indication… the release is probably coming up soon 😉


Arvale IV Progress?

So, it’s been a looong while since I’ve said anything about Arvale.

So first, some good news:

All of the maps in the game are done.

All of the music for the game is done.

All of the art, barring the Title screen, is done.

All of the major plot points in the story are done.

What have I recently been working on?

Content. I hit a snag recently and wanted more art for NPCs, monsters, tiles, etc. as what I had so far simply wasn’t enough. Luckily, my knowledge of Japanese actually came to the rescue and uncovered several treasure troves of amazing art, sprites, monsters, backgrounds, fog, effects, and tile graphics.

Arvale IV will be a freaking treat to look at.

So what’s left?

Dialogue, lot’s of it. This includes all the NPC’s and the random stuff you click on, including wheelbarrows.

Dungeon Puzzles. Nothing too complex, but without them, it just wouldn’t be complete.

New magic and skill animations. I have the content, I just need to figure out what to do with it and who does what with what groovy new spells.

Balancing. A lot. Not only because this game will be bigger than the previous three, but also because this. is. the. end. And there are more characters than before, yada, yada.

Tying the whole flipping thing together. The gameplay and story is actually going to branch out into 3 different segments, with three separate parties, which you can choose to play in any order; then finally meet up in the end. This involves some tricky bit of design and balancing, so it will actually be quite fun once it all comes together.

That being said, I am still not brave enough to give even a soft date for a release. But I will say things are progressing, and the game is heading towards completion.

Thanks to any and all for your patience and I hope someone else out there is as excited about the game as I am.

In the meantime, here is a rabbit in half a suit to ponder upon.

I Wish You a Merry Xmas…

And a new game to play with 🙂


No, it’s not the final episode of Arvale, but I’m still quite darn proud of it. This game was put together by the new gaming company, Goroid.

Goroid consists of key members of the old team at PDAmill Game Studios, so I can only assure you that the title is high freaking quality.

That being said, Merry Xmas!

Oh… and if anyone wants a free copy of the game (and is willing to do a written review, you know who you are); you know how to contact me (and please do!).


Arvale IV Progress, Screens

Don’t get too excited, but… I’ve been slowly plugging away at the final episode in Arvale: Treasure of Memories.

Progress has been slow but steady over the past few months and the game is finally starting to turn into something awesome.

I won’t dare mention anything about release dates, but I will say as it develops I will keep y’all informed.

In the meantime, enjoy this small sampling of screens (mostly dungeons) from the upcoming game 😉


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