New Stuff

Hi! Long time no post. Really long time. In fact, it’s been so long, I’m not sure anyone will even notice this post (or the flower on top of my head) 🙂

But, what the hey, some exciting stuff in the world of Jaybot, Jaybot7, Arvale, Games, Music, and just awesome stuff about me, me, Me, ME! (ahem) in general.

Currently working with a new gamedev company on launching a bunch of new titles for iPhone, Android, and perhaps various other platforms soon. I’ll keep you updated somehow as it progresses. For now, there is a janky website for the upcoming company (PlaySlide ! whoohoo! I love that name!)  and its slew of titles to be released over the next year here: <— Click that, do it! You know you want to!
They/We/I(?!) also have FB and twitter pages, but they’re also WIP and ghost town-y like, so nothing to see there (except clicking the Like/Favorite buttons, which could be fun if you’re into that!)

Also, for the one or two crazy fans out there who care about my personal/professional life outside of Arvale and games and music (what else? gawd I seem way busier than I actually am), I have a personal-type-ish website for lots of MEMEMEMEME!!!-ing which is really only useful if you live in Japan, speak/read Japanese and hire crazy people like me to do silly things in front of a camera or on a microphone, but anyway (there may be one or two of you out there, right? right?!) <— you know what? Don’t click that one. Risky click!

Speaking of me (I haven’t done that enough already? Well, alright then!) my Pop Rock – type music/band/thing Sir Guy is somehow still alive and wrote a few new tracks awhile back and even put them up for free on that link you just read, and also on the newfangled Soundcloud web, uh, thing… Here so Enjoy those while you can.

What, more me? If you insist: I do a local radio show At FM Ichinomiya on Saturdays 12-2PM (JST). You can listen to that if you time it just right (and don’t mind hearing a lot of Japanese) and happen to use tunein (free app, available on everything) here: tunein FM Ichinomiya

Annnd, I’m starting up another business locally here in the country-side-ish area of Japan, which… you’re not really interested in that, are you? Teaching babies and Kids? The color pink?! I thought so, but for the morbidly curious: <— I warned you! Lots of Pink and BABIES!

Oh, and Arvale. Seems to be doing on the okay side on Big Fish and Steam. Not enough for me to spend as much time as I would like developing or supporting it, unfortunately. But!! Some super-smart, and really diligent players figured out how to fix the slow-down/lag issue on recent machines (especially Windows 10) on Steam HERE <– (get ready to right-click and run things as administrator, apparently it works for a lot of folks). If things go well with all of my other endevaours, pursuing a brand-new Arvale on mobile devices (once again!) is defintely a possibility 😉

Other than that, life is slow and boring 😉

Hope you all are well!

Wrench in the Gears, Korg Nanokey Broken