New Arvale Town Music


I have a confession. I really, really, really like RPG town music. Seriously. Town/Village music tops my list for all music in any RPG. Perhaps it is because of the longer themes and many melodies since the music will last longer while the player is walking around town and having conversations with other characters.

If I were to name this piece, it would be Conversations. Once you hear the piece, you’ll understand. Character conversations and interactions have always been a strong point in Arvale and I know I personally still spend up to 45 minutes hanging out in the towns just to talk to every NPC and see what they say (yes, even though I wrote it, I have a short memory 😉 ).

This piece centers around that feeling. With the pizzicato strings having the backdrop for a Clarinet starting up a conversation, to which a Flute replies (giving many different responses). This is a bit of a longer preview, as I wanted to show by the middle of the piece, a low-end Piano chimes in to add to the conversation (okay, it’s a Dwarf from Melonchi Mines, anyone who remembers that theme will love this). Throughout this music you get a sense of walking around a peaceful village and hearing the various chatter of the townsfolk.

Okay, enough info, here’s the music: town_preview1

Just makes you wanna walk around the village and strike up conversations right now, doesn’t it? 🙂

Photo credit: diametrik