New Arvale III Screens, Same Great Taste with Half the Calories

Arvale, Episode III is trucking along at a nice pace and there are lots of nifty screens to share.

And now we’re all curious… can barbecue be used in the singular-plural form as Duncan just did above (like sheep and fish)? Beats me. What I do know, is that’s takes place on the Kytar continent in an area called Majesto Grove.

And this takes place in an ancient Apothecary.

While this takes place in the Valley of the Gods on the Gargan continent.

And this little piggy had none… err. This took place in the Forest of Giants…

… right before this happened.

And this little piggy when wee, wee, wee, wee all the way home.

Anyone who is unfamiliar with how to count your toes shall do your research.

More to come!

Good stuff.


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