New Arvale Character Art for Silk


I’ve just received some excellent new character art for Silk. If you’ve played the first Arvale, you may already be familiar with Silk, the female half-elf character. Some background story on Silk’s role in the new game:

In the new Arvale, it is several years later and she has since returned to Invyl to help run the blacksmithing guild there. She will wield some sort of magic and she has become quite adept at using a bow. One of her parents was human while the other was elf which gave her some difficulties while growing up (which led to her feisty attitude and her dangerous lifestyle in Arvale 1). Her great, great, great grandfather rules the town of Invyl as the Guildmaster. She helped Duncan take down Sorcynth by her participation in an underground group named Veritaes. Since her adventures in Arvale 1, Silk’s hair has grown longer and she has changed her physical appearance a bit more towards the feminine side (this may be due to her advancing age or returning to a town full of elves), however she still retains a very strong attitude. Her reasons for leaving Duncan and returning to Invyl are still a bit of a mystery.

I think the new art for her is great and captures Silk’s character quite well (click on the above image for the full view). What do you think?

There were quite a bit of females who played Arvale and enjoyed it, and I received quite a bit of comments from females over the years. I pretty sure they enjoyed Arvale very much because of the amount of interesting characters and dialogue in the game (among other reasons, of course!). Also, in Arvale: Short Tales I received a several comments from female players who really enjoyed playing as Lotus, the female magician, as it enabled them to identify themselves with the character a bit more.

So I’m excited that Silk will be playing an active role in the new Arvale, and I know many females (and males, of course!) who enjoyed the original game will be happy to hear that she will be a playable character in the upcoming series (among several other female roles). 🙂