Music Archive Now Available


Over the years I’ve been asked many times to make my game music available for download. Rejoice! Because now it’s all available!

You want the Lumberjack song from Catchy Cadence (the one where I sing like a Drunk Disney Character)? You Bet. Looking for the Arvale Title Piano Music? Have that too. What about the catchy theme from Bowling for Burgers? Yup. All freely available in the highest quality formats I could get my hands on. Go check out the Music Archive.

Please note that these are only available for personal listening use and enjoyment. These are still in use by their respective owners and cannot be used in any other projects. If you are looking for Free Royalty Free Music, please visit the Free Music page.

There are still a few tunes missing from some games I couldn’t find which I will add later, but I definitely have all the major bases covered. I also plan on sprucing up the page with comments on the songs, how they were written, when they were written, how they fit into the game, and so on.

I also might change the order of the songs later on, but for now, Alphabetical by Game Title it shall be 🙂