Merry Xmas, Seasonal Changes, and What the Heck is Going On

Merry Christmas to all! Above is my Xmas tree for the season. It’s all I could afford, seriously. I’ve finally completely exhausted all of my money…

Which brings me to the Good News, Bad News, and what the heck is going on with me (and Arvale, of course).

Good news first: I got a job. Which essentially means I will be getting more money to pour into my interests, such more as Arvale and Music. Oh, and I can afford to eat lunch again. So good in the end for everyone.

What kind of job? Unfortunately, according to my contract, I’m not allowed to specifically say what I do or where I do it (because my blog is completely public and I don’t hide behind anonymity). But I can show some details with no harm:

It requires me wearing lots of suits, ties, belts and other assorted clothing which makes me look a lot better than I actually am.

And requires me travel on lots of trains. To really distant places.

Across the vast countrysides of Japan. Which look something like that.

The job also means I had to move to another corner of Japan. Outside of Tokyo. I can’t tell the exact location, but I can say it’s in 茨城県 which narrows it down for those with a burning curiosity.

But! One more good thing the job comes with one of these:

Blurry enough to have zero meaning to many of you. But basically, it’s a 3 year Visa for Japan. Which means I get to hang out here for three more years without worrying too much about being kicked out any time soon, as long as I keep working 🙂

The Bad News (depending on your perspective) is that Arvale (and a few other side projects) have obviously been delayed a bit. With the moving to yet another new apartment, in another city, and getting adjusted to a new job and workplace, it’s taken up quite a bit of my time and resources recently. But I promise that once the job settles down a bit, I can get back into my development groove and Arvale will be back on the menu, big time.

I really wanted to have Arvale out around Christmas time, but it looks like it will take a bit more time. I sincerely apologize for that.

However, this also means I get to spend more time polishing it and making it everything I want it to be without rushing it out the door. So… More Wheelbarrows shall be added, of course! 😉

In any case, it’s Xmas everyone! Go celebrate, spend time with your family and/or loved ones, or veg out and play video games all day, as that’s what the season is about, right? Right!

I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas and it is much less lonely than this Christmas Illumination display I attended 😉

See you soon!

2009-09-05 21.21.54
The Lazy Man’s Way to Tokyo, Day 6