Lazy Man’s Tokyo Post Mortem


I never understood why the term Post Mortem (after death) was coined for things like this (a recap), it just sounds so… deadly, and final.

Coming back from Japan, and pretty much over the jet lag. Thought I’d post a few comments and things I didn’t mention while I was there.

While doing the blog, I actually had a lot of material written down such as:

‘I went to have coffee at Veloce tonight. After ordering my coffee went smoothly, the cashier asked me if I wanted something regarding the milk ミールク and sugar 砂糖. I just assumed she was asking which one I wanted, if any, so I said お願いします (please). She asked something else and I knew she was asking about the amount… or which one, so I just said 全部 (everything/both) and hoped… apparently I got it wrong, so i listened a bit harder when she re-asked me if I wanted 一個/ずつ (one item), I immediately thought of 出来れば、二個 欲しい (if possible, I’d like two), but by mouth instead said, はい. Ah well, i’ll get it next time.’

But I figured nobody really cared to read that much information and I got better reactions from pictures of weird (and oddly enough mundane) things in Japan, especially food.

I also had a list of interesting cultural quirks about Japanese that I thought were interesting, like how they never Pull doors. Always Push. So if a door isn’t the automatic-sliding kind, it has to be able to swing both ways to complement this interesting habit. However, I figured these really small intricacies are more fun to discover on your own. I wouldn’t want to spoil your trip!


Since I travel a lot, people usually ask me for luggage tips. Everyone is always considering a courier-type bag like the one pictured. While I can’t deny courier bags look sexy, I’ve owned a few and can say without a doubt they suck for everything else. As soon as you need to take anything out of the bag, you have that stupid flappy thing in the way. I’ve seen many designs trying to get around this by putting zippers on the flap for an extra quick-reach pouch, or even a whole in the flap to reach the inside of the bag (completely defeating the purpose of the stupid flap). Just say no to courier bags. Get a decent briefcase type bag, you’ll be happier.

I really wished I could share some pics from past visits to Japan, but they weren’t relevant to my current trip (and involved not being lazy nor in Tokyo), so I thought I’d post some classic ones from before (such as the modern Geisha in 祇園 Gion with the cell phone above).


If you ever get a chance to stay in a 旅館 Ryokan I highly suggest it. Not because of all the traditional 畳 tatami mats, sleeping on the floor, and shared 温泉 spa bath stuff; but for having your name publicly displayed as a guest like this.


If you don’t know why this picture is amusing, look closer.


These lovely girls are all over districts like Akihabara trying to seduce men to have really expensive coffee served by girls dressed up as French Maids. I, uh… yeah, I tried it. Just once though, I swear!


It’s really difficult to find ‘retro’ games in the states without resorting to Ebay and getting screwed. Not so in Japan. Many specialty shops exist with almost every game for any old system imaginable. As long as you don’t mind the games being in 日本語.


Damn, I forget where we took this pic (京都? Kyoto?) but I simply loved this guy’s business, no, his life philosophy. 🙂


I still like this pic. I believe it was outside the 東京国立美術館 Tokyo National Museum of Fine Art, but I could be wrong.


As it’s going on right now, I did actually visit the TGS (Tokyo Game Show) once. And while it was fun like E3 used to be, unless you already work for a big game/press company, you really can’t get any real networking done. Even if you get a bunch of business cards, unless you can start writing emails like こんにちは! 本当にありがとう御座いました! TGSは超楽しかった! (which at that time, I couldn’t), you’re out of luck.


If Coca-cola ever needed a good promo pic of some moron drinking Coke in the middle of a crowded street in Japan, this would be perfect.


Hello Kitty and Sanrio shops abound in Japan. They have everything from Hello Kitty underwear to Laptops to Microwaves…


And Hello Kitty play-sets. Um, I was just uh doing research. Really.


The original Rhythm Tengoku (Rhythm Heaven) for GBA was turned into an arcade game in Japan. Aside from being an awesome game, this was the first time I had seen a Gameboy game get turned into an arcade game (with very few changes). Usually, it goes the other way. つんく is my hero.

Thanks to K-dawg for accompanying me taking some of the awesome pictures.

Alright, enough milking the Japan thing. I’m sure you’re sick of it by now :). Back to articles on Games, Music, Design, and other really Important Stuff.

Including some awesome news regarding the new Arvale. Stay tuned 🙂

The Lazy Man’s Way to Tokyo, Day 7