Las Vegas: Sin City Scenery, Part 2

2009-11-29 15.43.44

I love just walking around Vegas and checking out the sites, it’s fun and mostly free entertainment.

The Rain Forest Cafe (above) in the MGM Grand in Vegas is still the best Rain Forest Cafe. Even if it has giant mushrooms…

2009-11-29 15.47.29

Because it’s not very often you get to see an Alligator wearing a Santa Cap 🙂

2009-11-29 15.51.56

The MGM grand also has live lions behind glass. All they do is sleep all day though, so they’re actually quite boring.

2009-11-29 16.33.15

Las Vegas now has a monorail. If you ever need to get to the complete opposite side of the strip and don’t feel like walking, I highly suggest it. It also goes all the way to downtown Vegas (near the main convention center), which is super convenient (no parking, no taxis) and I wish it existed when I needed it a few years ago.

2009-11-29 16.37.47

Monster Vending Machines! Yes! Yes! I need one of these in my house!

2009-11-29 17.14.17

Went to the Forum Shops near Caesar’s Palace to check out the Sony Store. Finally got to play around with the new PSP (I know, I know, it’s been out for months). It’s actually pretty slick hardware. Screen is still brilliant and it’s light and slim. I just have no idea what I would do with all UMD games if I ever got one though. Is there some sort of device to copy UMD games to a memory stick? Does Sony have some service?

2009-11-29 17.19.35

Sony’s new netbooks/notebooks are incredibly sexy and almost affordable. Especially…

2009-11-29 17.20.12

The Vaio P series. My Swedish friend in Japan wasn’t kidding when he told me that even he was amazed at the device. So far, this is the most impressive netbook that I would almost consider buying.

2009-11-29 17.22.58

The new OLED monitor. 11 inches for only $2500. Sure, it looks incredible, but who is going to buy it? I’m reminded of that Jack in the Box commercial for the ‘Fast Food Consultant’ (‘Any takers?’…’I only need one!’)

2009-11-29 17.24.34

The Forum Shops have curved, Spiral Escalators. My mind boggled over the mechanics of how they must work for about 5 minutes.

2009-11-29 17.29.41

2009-11-29 17.30.50

Two of my favorite brands right next to each other. Ironically enough, I visited Victoria’s Secret first, and then slowly made my way to the Playboy Store. It just seemed like a natural progression.

2009-11-29 17.47.27

Apparently, these Ugly Dolls are really popular. This was in the FAO Schwartz. I’m still wondering why FAO decided to use a giant Trojan Horse for their store front. Is that some sort of symbolism for kids toys?

2009-11-29 19.18.46

Had dinner/lunch at the BLT Burger in the Mirage. This is the best burger I have eaten in my life. Highly recommended. Fries were okay. Burger was awesome. In fact, I’m going back. This picture doesn’t do it justice.

2009-11-29 20.04.35

Visited a friend in the Trump Hotel. His room is bigger than any apartment I’ve lived in. I wasn’t jealous.

I wasn’t jealous.

I wasn’t.

Rounded off the night by seeing these guys:

2009-11-29 23.46.57

That’s right, the Blue Man Group. Honestly, you’ve probably seen them on TV a thousand times already. But this is the first time I’ve actually been to their show and I understand why reviews are so… sparse? The show varies from so many different forms of entertainment it’s hard to categorize as anything other than: Other. It was pretty amazing though. If you go for only one reason, go for the comedy. They have mastered the uncomfortable silence (including embarrassed glancing, facial expressions, and gestures) to an art form. If you have the chance (and you get cheap tickets), go see it.

Alright, I gotta go. See you soon!

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