Las Vegas: Sin City Scenery, Part 1


Ooh, you like that title? That’s alliteration. I think.

Yup, I’m in Vegas. Mostly to escape Phoenix while I finish up Arvale: Treasure of Memories (and meet up with a great game-tester) , but also to do a little bit of touristy stuff.

I love Vegas.

2009-11-27 16.05.23

Zoom in on that one. The text is interesting. This is on the balcony door of my hotel room. I’m really curious as to why they would even consider using the word Drape in the first place. That’s pretty uncommon these days… Hang would be more appropriate and less likely to instill creative vandalism :).

2009-11-27 23.04.46

My balcony at night has a really pretty view of the way-better-hotels across the street. But I figure, the view from the way-better-hotels have a pretty crappy view, because they’re looking at my cheap hotel, right?

2009-11-28 12.49.03

The buffet at somewhere fancy (I forgot, not Belagio, but… Venetian, no… seriously, I forgot). Pretty sure this isn’t sausage.

2009-11-28 14.30.58

I thought these giant-sized man-eating plants where the coolest part of the Thanksgiving/Autumn display they still have set up at the Belagio. Everything else (including talking trees and crying plants) was too creepy.

2009-11-28 14.04.59

Let’s play a messed up version of Where’s Waldo. See if you can find the guy with a snorkel who has purposely tied himself to the wall and is swimming in place in this picture. These are the pools at Belagio.

2009-11-28 14.20.24

This is a section from the Largest Chocolate Fountain in the WORLD! At least, that’s what the pamphlet said. I was totally disappointed. I was expecting something that looked like a fancy water fountain. This looks like a sewer drainage system with the wrong context.

2009-11-28 15.19.47

Wondering where the 7 in Jaybot7 came from? Here’s a hint. 😉 Yeah, I won 140 credits on this one. I’m rich! Except that, you know… this is a $0.02 machine. so I have $2.80, I’m rich! Slot machines are awesome, there are so many things you can learn from studying them. Maybe I’ll write about it some day.

2009-11-28 15.59.11

Actually, I just thought the design of these sinks in the restrooms at the Cabo Wabo Cantina were really cool. Sammy Hagar should feel proud. 🙂

2009-11-29 15.33.45

I love aquariums. Looking at the pics in this post just reminds me of the variety of stuff there is to see and do in Vegas… all within walking distance.Oh, I heard there is some monorail thing now, I’ll have to go check that out too.

Gotta go now, I’m off to see a show! (Then return to Arvale testing, then… sleep? Maybe)

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