Jaybot’s Catchy Cadence Released!

After a long time in development, I’ve finally released Jaybot’s Catchy Cadence with PDAmill Game Studios. We were also able to release it for FREE for everyone and anyone with a PC to enjoy.

Here’s a quick clip:

What is the game? Well, I could go on about how it’s an interactive music game designed by me and the talented folks at PDAmill Game Studios. But instead, why not just go over to their site and check it out for yourself?
Here’s the link.

Plenty of explanations, screenshots, and videos for you to enjoy there. Or you can simply download the game (since it’s FREE) and dive right in!

I’ve also set up a page on this site (see the Catchy Cadence link up at the top menu) with hi-fi samples of the music featured in the games, along with some thoughts on the writing and designs. Feel free to check it out!

Why free? Well, I believe that there are so many possibilities still untapped for Audio and Music in a Video Game, and this was just a taste of some of the intensely enjoyable designs that can come from really fusing great game design and music into a fantastic package.

Releasing it for free opens up the exposure for as many people as possible who wish to play it. The talented design team at PDAmill Game Studios whole-heartedly agree and were willing to take the steps possible to make the product happen, and make it available to everyone for free.