Japanese March Ketchup

That’s what the file says on my desktop. Either I was tired… Or I imagine I was trying to be clever to myself. In this case, it didn’t work.

In any case, it’s  been awhile since I blogged about my going ons in Japan. Don’t worry, life didn’t stop. I’m still alive. I just had limited access to a computer over the past month because I moved to a new apartment. I also released the new Arvale Episode. I also had a bunch of other things happen… which of course couldn’t possibly fit into one post.

So I’ll do my best to preview it with a bunch of silly pictures 🙂 (above is me getting married to Crayon Shinchan).

But first of all…


Sakura blooming season already came and left. It’s a really short time frame. And it was still really cold when it happened. And Sakura blossoms are mostly WHITE! Not pink, like you see in all the advertisements and movies. More on that later.

In other disappointments, I found out that my current phone can do neither of the things in this picture… but can do a bunch of other way advanced things. Too weird.

I then played dress-up and went to a Japanese traditional Shinto (or was it Buddhist? I forget) Wedding. It involved lots of clothing, lots of pictures, lots of noise, lots of food, and lots of alcohol. I’ll post pics (when I get permission from the lucky couple) and thoughts soon.

If this stuff worked, half of the people in the IT industry would be out of a job 🙂 Yeah, double-check that name.

If this USB microscope(!) works, I’m totally jealous of geeky-science type kids (and adults) today. How friggin’ cool is that?

I’ve always wondered how a straw works and if I were using it correctly. Thank the gods they printed instructions and labeled what this one was for.

I’m not giving up on 納豆 Natto yet. In fact, I found out you can bake it and make delicious (kinda) cake-type things with it. The Natto Quest continues!

In other weird food, there is this thing called 泥ゴボウ the first Kanji means mud. Yeah, it costs more if it’s muddy. It’s true. And if you use the Kanji incorrectly, it could be 泥御棒 which would mean Muddy Honorable Stick. (Yeah, but it’s actually 泥牛蒡 for you un-fun 漢字 nerds out there 😛 ) In any case, it tastes like it looks… and it’s burdock root in English.

This does not taste like it looks. When you combine bread, mayonnaise, a pizza, and a hot dog in one package, this is what you get. And it’s surprisingly tasty!

Don’t worry, they still have delicious normal food in Japan as well. Like this lovely dish of mozzarella tomato (however you want to call it). Which was from a really fancy restaurant called Saizeria. Sounds fancy Italian right? Except it cost about $3. More on that place later.

I visited Yokohama 横浜 on a clear, sunny weekend and it’s this damn beautiful. This pic is from my crappy phone camera and completely untouched. That’s how pretty Yokohama is (on a nice day).

And I leave you with this for now:

Socks. I wish I could get away with wearing Hello Kitty socks. Kids are so damn lucky. 🙂

See you soon!

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