Ice Cream Caps, Razor Blades, and Scary Japanese Gum

With a headline like that, you must think I am a perfectly healthy, sane person.

Nah, I just wanted to post on a bunch of random things and thoughts in Japan I’ve come across. Like the Ice Cream Cap above.

Japan is hot. But image is everything. You can’t buy your ice-cream and have the top of it melt before you get home to brag to your little sister about how you got ice-cream and she didn’t. Hence, the ice cream cap was invented. It’s made from the same stuff as the cone, so you can safely eat it after you are done gloating.

And according to that picture, I need to shave, so time to go razor shopping!

Aww yeah, they have it here too! The Schick Quattro 4 Titanium Revolution (+Alpha!). For the ultimate lazy shavers like me, it includes a proper 4 bladed head up top, and a freaking electric shaver on the bottom. But…

They also have the Shick Quattro with One Piece on it! I can’t remember the last time I saw a cartoon character on a razor. But, but… it also includes a One Piece shaving mirror! And the characater ルフィ(Luffy in English?) does always looks so clean-shaven so…

I wasn’t weak and I didn’t buy the One Piece razor. I was strong and bought both.

But don’t get to thinking that Japanese is all about globalization and imported brands either, in fact… they’ve one-upped the competition with the Japanese brand…

That’s right, The Tetra Neo 5 frickin’ blades! Top that, Schickman! They even include shaving cream.


Oh, it’s still only 4 blades, it just includes 5 extra replacements. I guess 5 blades is still beyond the highest technology in beard shaving.

Wasn’t Tetra the name of a Zelda character?

Speaking of videogame characters and Japanese products…

This is a brilliant take on the Dragon Quest slime character, combining it into a potion. For the record, fantasy potions apparently taste like mango juice. And lime. Non-carbonated too.

While we’re on this odd video game character product kick:

Super Mario bath… thing! Apparently, you drop this thing into hot bath water and…

One of your favorite Mario characters will pop out while releasing toxic gases, I mean bath salts. This is just some of the lovely stuff you can pick up from the 100 yen shops around Japan. More useful stuff include:

USB chargers for everything. From DS, PSP, Ipod, to your Cell phone. All at around $1 a pop. Now don’t you feel a bit silly for buying that $13 charger from the electronics store? I do.

In fact, the 100 ¥ shops around Japan have pretty much everything, including:

This amazing device. Which will play the soothing sound of water near your toilet. You know, for those times you don’t want to be heard. Or simply can’t go. Guys, you know… stage fright, it happens to all of us. Stop pretending.

In actuality, this device is for those who can’t afford those really expensive Japanese toilets which have an actual button for 水の音 water sounds. Japanese women apparently love the feature.

And Scary Story Gum, for those times that… wait, what?! Why…?

Yup, 100 ¥ shops even contain your favorite alcoholic beverages, like Salty Dog in a can and Ocean Blue Cocktail Partner. Notice they do have Yebisu, which is way more than 100¥. This is due to it being the best tasting beer on the planet, so it’s allowed to break the rules of the 100¥ shop.

Damn that gum really is scary. Can’t get it out of my mind.

Neither could this guy in the blue on the right.

The guy on the left, I have no idea what he is showing to that girl, but… they both look entertained.

This was during a 祭り a few weeks ago. Matsuri translates to festival, but it really is the same thing as any other country: an excuse to gather large crowds, get drunk, and act really silly in public (while blaming everything on the alcohol). Funny clothing was optional. Great food though.

Speaking of food, this is the price of fresh fish in Tokyo. Yes, those are sticker price labels. And yes, they stuck them directly on the fish… in the ice-water.

Not related to fish… or anything really, but I just noticed this map nearby my place a few days ago. Check the right side of the map, and you’ll see my good friend ‘RANDY’ is just around the block! I wish I knew that months ago, I should give him a call.

And um… food? Ah yes, everyone loves pictures of food!

Apparently, this is how you are supposed to serve real garlic bread. With sauce and scissors.

If that’s not how you are supposed to do it, I don’t care because it’s still fun. In fact, everything at this restaurant is fun. They even serve raw alligator meat.

No, I haven’t tried it yet.

Yes, I will someday.

Of course, I’ll post it on the blog. But in the meantime:

Some really tasty Thai dish. Forgot the name. Yes, Thai. I cheat on Japanese cuisine from time to time. Sorry.

The place was in Yokohama 横浜 and was reasonably affordable. Which is strange for Yokohama and Thai food, so it was a treat.

I can’t remember the name of the place, nor read, nor type Thai so:

There’s a picture of the restaurant for you 🙂


That stupid gum! It’s still in my head! Why did I even post it?

To get our minds off it, I leave you with this picture of Sports Authority:

Which exists in Japan, albeit rare. But there is something amazingly odd with this picture. Zoom in and check the English board at the back. Just right of Our Promise.

Don’t they have this sign in the stores in the states? If so, does it have the same typo?

evetyday low prices.

We all make mistakes (hell, I’m famous for typos)… But perhaps before printing out a gigantic poster board, you might wanna do a quick spell-check. 🙂

See you sooner.

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