Here’s a Quick Way to Make a Gingerbread House


Weight of the world bringing you down? Stressed out by the holidays? Your job? Etc, etc, etc?

Yeah, me too. So I’m making a gingerbread house. If you think that’s stupid, then you’re missing out.

And it’s ridiculously easy to make one these days. They have basically pre-made kits to do it. Like this one:


Yeah. Seriously. That’s a real product. And here’s what it includes:


The gingerbread blocks already in the right shapes. Enough candy to glue all over the house. And just enough frosting mix (and frosting dispenser) to make a huge mess. The pan and the aluminum foil is not included. You don’t even need them, but it makes the end result look much cooler. It even comes with instructions, but you won’t need them, here’s what you’re going to do:

Step 1: Open box.

Step 2: Take stuff out of box.

Step 3: mix up the frosting stuff in a really big bowl.

Step 4 (optional): put frosting into a frosting dispenser. I didn’t find it necessary as I could just dip the cookie pieces into the bowl; and in any case, your hands will end up like this:


Step 4: Glue the pieces of cookies together in a logical order which looks like a gingerbread house. Check box for details.


Step 5: Wait a long time, like 30 minutes for the frosting to turn into cement.


It will now look boring and kinda crappy. But that’s why we cover it with candy, to make it look intentionally uniform through random chaos.

Step 6: Spread remaining frosting all over the house and stick candy to it. You can follow the picture on the box, or just stick stuff to it randomly. You’ll surprisingly run out of candy fast. So if you still have all that candy left over from Halloween (or even Valentine’s Day), now is a good time/excuse to get rid of it.


It will look something like this. Not too shabby, huh? But we’ll do something with the baking sheet/pan/thing to make it look really cool. Go steal a box of sugar from someone you don’t like/know. You’ll need almost all of it.

Step 7: Pour almost the entire box of sugar into the pan, surrounding the house. It will look like Snow:


Cool, huh?

One more time from the front:


If you have sugar cubes, you can do this kind of stuff too. And if you are more artistic than me (and have even more free time), you can do a snow man, or an igloo, and all sorts of creative stuff.

In any case, this will impress all your friends. Even if you did do it from the box, or this blog, or both.

It’ll impress them even more if you lie and said you made if from scratch. 😉

Total time to make (mostly waiting for the frosting), 45-60 minutes.

Happy Holidays! 🙂

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