Happy Thanksgiving, Be Thankful


I sincerely hope your turkey doesn’t look like that.

Although it would be a lot more memorable in the future if it did (how many ‘wonderful’ ‘perfect’ turkeys do you remember? Yeah, me neither), so maybe I do 🙂

In the states, Thanksgiving is a holiday about a bunch of Pilgrims who stole some food from the Native Indians and then felt sorry so they apologized by sharing wine, eating turkey, and playing hopscotch together.

At least… that’s what I remember from elementary school. I’m sure the true story was quite a bit different and involved a lot more drama, sex and violence. Either way, its history is really irrelevant. In fact, its country of origin is irrelevant.

Thanksgiving is a good time of year to sincerely look back on your past year, what you’ve accomplished, what you’ve failed at, how you did what you did, what the hell did you do, and who helped you out along the way. Not necessarily in that order. It’s also a good time to be really damn grateful to all the kick-ass people and things in life that allow you to have such an awesome life. Because you do. If you are reading my blog right now, your life is awesome. Trust me. Be thankful for that.

I’m not selfish enough to write out an entire list on my blog to–… wait, it is my blog! Okay, here’s a short list of what I’m thankful for (in order of whatever popped in my head):

My Girlfriend, Music, AJATT, Gear Diary, WordPress, Yarsh, Arvale, RPGs, Bioware, Monkey Island, Alexa, Games, Judie Lipsett, John Phillips, Chris Brogan, Subway, Flickitty, Burger King, Morgan Parker, Panda Express, Beer, Pizza, Facebook, Japanese, Csaba, Crow, Peter, Goro, Danthe, NNG, PDAmill, Cedarman, Vago Istvan, B-Dawg, Def, Kresh, Mr. Underwood, Twitter, Swearing, Porn, Pirates, Flickr, Ittybiz, Dilly’s Deli, Tin Man Games, Las Vegas, Funkzilla, Sponge (short list! short list!)… and anyone who has ever commented on any blog anywhere, and everyone single lovely person who comes and reads my blog! Thank you!

So… what are you thankful for?

Happy Thanksgiving!

Photo Credit: Editor B

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