Happy New Year! Bring on 2011! Yeah!

Happy New Year from Japan, once again!

Above is a picture of a temple in the middle of 井の頭公園  (Inokashira Park) which possibly some people visited on New Year’s, I wouldn’t know because I was in the middle of moving, once again.

And for the record, the girl in the picture is Korean, just to confuse you more 🙂

So what has the new year brought me? Well, for starters I’ve moved yet again (that would be three times in one year, which may be a record for me). So I switched my view from this:

To this:

And finally to this:

So it’s not all that bad. The ocean is pretty.

And of course, whenever I move, I have to change my portable desk, once again to some cross-breed of what I had previously. Now it looks like this:

Still portable, and still plenty of screen real-estate. And it’s already survived one minor earthquake, so it seems to be okay 😉

Another thing which comes with moving so frequently, is the lack of stuff I have. Like cooking utensils.

Which means I am back on the convenience store diet, which such delicacies such as:

And these:

And these:

And if I felt brave enough:

That’s right 長芋 (long potatoes?) right. But again, the lack of cooking utensils problem. So…. no.

But oh yeah, there’s this too:

Ramen. Lots of it. Gotta save money right? Not just any ramen, One Piece Ramen! (No, I didn’t buy it, as the picture says like $4… I like One Piece, but not that much!…. Okay, I’m poor)

And because I am too poor cheap money conscientious to buy any new cooking utensils and/or devices, I am making good use of the recipes in this book:

That’s right. Someone wrote it before me! An entire book dedicated to cooking everything with your microwave. Genius. I didn’t buy it, but I flipped through and nodded my head in agreement a lot. 🙂

Since I am now living alone again, I am spending a lot of my time reading as much of this stuff as possible.

Which actually seems like a pretty comprehensive list of Manga you must read. Just to be in the know.

But in another effort to be a cheapskate… I mean save money, I’ve found that buying huge collections of Manga I like (such as One Piece, did I mention that?) like this:

Oh yeah~! It’s gonna be a good year 🙂

So that’s a quick update for now. Just to get the ball rolling. Loads more of silly Japan adventures soon. 🙂

Once again, Happy New Year!

Eating Right, Excercise, and Japanese Sea Aliens: Keys to a Healthy Life in Japan