For the Love of Food and Japanese

Over the past year I’ve realized two important things:

One, people really like looking at food. Just as much as eating it, perhaps more.

Two, Japanese learners and foreigners alike, really like looking at Japanese stuff.

So combining them makes a lot of sense and takes about as much effort as snapping a few shots at every meal. Well, and then uploading them. And then writing about them. And then making sure my 日本語 isn’t totally off. And then correcting any mistakes when a 日本人 tells me the major difference between a 椀 and a 碗. Okay, so it takes a bit of effort. Either way, I’m doing it for the kids! Enjoy:

Who doesn’t crave 海老煎餅 every once in awhile? You know, Shrimp flavored crackers doesn’t taste as bad as it sounds. It tastes much worse actually. Until you get used to it. Then you have really weird cravings and you’re not sure what to do.

It says 柿 (kaki) on it, it looks like an apple and tastes like an apricot. Apparently, that’s what persimmons are supposed to be like. I didn’t enjoy it.

You know, the 漢字 for 人参 makes no sense. It’s a carrot, in case you’re wondering. 野菜 Vegetables look different in every country. For example, carrots have a tendency to be short and fat in Japan. I gave up wondering about things like that years ago, after seeing white carrots in Hungary.

While we’re on other countries, I might as well mention バナンボ! Banambo, which are mini-bananas from the Phillipines フィリピン産.

And while we’re on mini stuff, I’ll show this picture or ミニ白菜 or mini-chinese-cabbage. Isn’t it cute? Extra points to anyone who knows the「娃」漢字。

Alright, enough 野菜 let’s look at some 肉. This is a pre-packaged and frozen hamburg steak. Not to be confused with a hamburger, although only connoisseurs of cheap meat will know the difference. It even includes the cheese on top, you just boil it in the bag. It’s pretty tasty too 🙂

More pre-made stuff you simply apply heat too (and my Mom thinks I can’t cook :)). This is the best food on the planet, called 牛丼 or ぎゅうどん or Gyuudon. Or, as I have stated before, it’s magically flavored Beef -from the Virgin Faeries of Hokkaido- with Grilled Onions on top of Rice. It’s so tasty, you can even get it in the states at restaurants called Yoshinoya.

And here are the super simple cooking instructions:

While were at it, we’ll look at the back of a juice carton:

And going one step further from cooking for myself:

This is just typical pasta something something from a convenience store.オッケ、オッケ、チャーシューとネギのバター醤油パスタ。

Okonominigiriakami. Or お好み握り赤身。Literally, choice grippy lean tuna. But really, you’re just gonna call it sushi anyway 🙂 Notice the 90¥ off discount. That’s huge considering how much the dollar is worth these days. I go shopping at night, like after 8pm, and everything gets discounted like this.

Choco balls. With peanuts. Tastes like M&Ms without the candy shells. So it melts in your mouth and in your hands!

麦とホップ That’s Sapporo’s latest beer made from mugi and hops. Now, mugi can mean barely or wheat… or even oats. So, if it’s barely and hops, it’s not new. If it were oat and hops, it would taste like oatmeal, and it doesn’t. So I’m betting on wheat and hops. Either way, it was good. I’m a fan of Sapporo products, even if the CEO gets drunk and hits his customers (sorry can’t find the story in English, let me know if you find it).

If it were affordable, I would eat/drink this weird jelly stuff -which fills you up, and tastes good, and is full of vitamins and other highly scientific stuff- every day. Unfortunately, a rice ball and a banana is much cheaper.

And look at that, I even included all the food groups, including beer, chocolate and weird jelly things. Bet you didn’t notice that. 😉


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