Eating Right, Excercise, and Japanese Sea Aliens: Keys to a Healthy Life in Japan

As my stress levels continue to rise from an unknown reason, I thought I’d jot down some ideas for how to live healthy in Japan.

Not really, I’m just sharing some more pictures of Japanese stuff, because it’s interesting 🙂 Above alien thing is on the shelf at one of my favorite restaurants. Unfortunately, it’s not on the menu yet 🙂

Honestly, I eat relatively healthy, and here is proof:

It says J’s healthy on the menu!

From most of my food pics, you might imagine that I eat out all the time. This is simply not the case, I go to the market…

And buy stuff like pre-boiled potatoes all wrapped up and ready to eat quite often. When you think of it, why buy potatoes that aren’t already cooked for you? Cooking them is such a painful, waste of time 😉

I also cook at home and do rad experiments like trying to do my own 焼き肉 yakiniku without burning my home down or setting off fire alarms. The key is to buy a platter of meat, such as above…

And use a simple hot pot (and open all the windows in the house, turn on any fans you have, and place it next to an exit)…

So you can have tasty, freshly cooked meat (and veggies in this case) ready to eat any time you want. Simple, effective, and tasty.

Of course, it’s not all meat and veggies and starch and stuff. You gotta treat yourself sometimes. And what better way to do so than…

Trying to make your own donuts with a donut hole cutter…? I always wondered how they made the hole in the donut, but surely they don’t just cut it out? Do they? With one of these?

And of course, one of the 20 food groups includes ice cream from Baskin Robbins. Besides, their 31 flavors matches my age. Speaking of which, I’m starting to notice some grays in that beard. Stress indeed. So I really need to take care of myself more by…

Using health care products which closely resemble a gun? I’m not sticking a gun to my face just to have  スベスベ肌 smooth skin, sorry.

But I do exercise, honest. I take walks often.

Particulary around the 羽田 Haneda region and the river/ocean/whatever surrounds it. Because you can catch rare (and by rare, I mean completely normal) sea creatures doing interesting things.

Like this floating Jellyfish. Which amazingly looks like the bottom of a PET bottle. Seriously. If I didn’t know it were a jellyfish, I would think someone was littering and try to pick it up and end up with some immense pain in my hands. Be careful of those damn PET pottles, er jellyfish.

And this crab who was upset with everything in the world and decided to end his life by hanging himself. Seriously. Odd sea creatures, these Japanese types. And they all look so… alien. Hence why my friend refuses to eat seafood because they look like aliens. He even calls them sea aliens.

Another thing to keep your body healthy is to not smoke cigarettes.

I don’t smoke anymore, but if I did, and I smoked inside, and I smoked inside near  my computer, this USB powered ashtray 灰皿 would be incredibly useful. It would also make quitting a heckuva lot harder because it looks so cool. What, just me?

While seemingly unrelated to health, but actually quite important, is organization. Keeping your stuff organized will eliminate stress, or so they say. So I decided to get this thing to put my clothes in:

No, not the Wii Fit in the background, the giant planks of wood on the ground. Which came with this instruction manual:

With clear, easy to follow instructions like: 側板にパイプ受けを取り付けます。

In any case, it looks like this and holds all my clothing and other stuff. A bit more organized than a suitcase, don’t you think?

But you can’t always focus on diet, exercise, and organization to get rid of your stress. You still have to find time for play.

And what better way to do that than wasting your coins and time at an arcade with the Crane Game.

Even better, a Crane Game which is a freezer on the inside and pulls out ice cream?

Yup, Japan’s got that too.

Alright, I’m off to kill more stress monsters. See you soon!

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