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Just made it back to Phoenix last night. After being awake for 25 or hours I’m pretty sick of flying. The pic above is the amount of paper I was able to accumulate in two weeks in Europe. I always like looking back on what can be accomplished within 14 days (like I did here in Tokyo). Those papers include:

Flight stuff: My original flight reservation which completely messed up (and ended up costing me double because they lost my reservation, with no compensation nor fixes), the new reservation which Orbitz (which will sell same-day tickets, awesome) only half messed up (with a 15 hour layover in Warsaw, which we fixed later), my tickets and hotel stuff for Amsterdam which was through Expedia and was flawless (go figure). And the 10 pages of paperwork from the Budapest Airport for my lost bag.

Amsterdam stuff (from my Amsterdam in One Day trip): Map of Amsterdam, train tickets, tram tickets, Van Gogh, Canal Cruise, and Heineken tickets. Hotel stuff, invoices, and Receipts.

Budapest stuff: (from my strange experiences in Budapest): Lots of receipts mostly, oh and a card from the taxi company with the bastard driver.

Oh, and if you look closely, you may also see some new designs for the Arvale game I’ve been working on (yup, they’re on paper, just like my past designs)


Polish Airlines (LOT) is a really cute airline. This was the first time I have had a seat which was a Window and an Aisle seat in a long time (the plane was that small).

Aside from their equipment being really old, the service is good and the flights are well priced. And they don’t charge for bags and they give you free food and drinks. Unlike most of the American airline companies nowadays.


This was my breakfast. I don’t even know what was in it. I gave up on asking that question a long time ago. I figure if I don’t start projectile vomiting after putting it into my mouth, then the food is good.


Too bad the airport in Warsaw has no Wi-fi at all. This explains all the bored people you see here.


Chicago O’Hare airport is a giant mess for so many reasons. I have never flown through there without having a delayed flight. If you can avoid it during your travels, do. Surprisingly though, the TSA employees (aside from their normal dickish manner) were in a good mood and slightly alleviated waiting 2 hours through security.

On my final flight to Phoenix, I ended up sitting next to some US Army guy on my flight who was reading Thomas Paine’s Common Sense. It made me smile. I hope he moves onto reading The Age of Reason as well. He was a pretty funny guy actually. When we stepped off the plane a few people remarked to him (as he was wearing his uniform) ‘Thanks for serving, sir!’ and he responded to them ‘Thanks for paying your taxes!’ Awesome. 🙂

Alright back to work. Thanks for reading and I’ll see you soon.

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