Arvale: Treasure of Memories, Episode II News

Design is well underway on the Episode II for Arvale: Treasure of Memories and I just thought I’d post a few tidbits on it.

The artist has already started on the new art for the title screen and the characters in the game. He some some really cool ideas for it, so I’m pretty anxious to see it already. I’ll post anything I get as soon as it comes.

A few changes to the engine will happen from feedback and some features I simply couldn’t squeeze into the first episode: Faster walking speed and roaming monsters being the top  2 ;); slight changes to the UI and battle menus, an options menu in the menu screen for adjusting sound/music and full screen toggle, smoother map scrolling, and an optional mini-map.

Most of the story outline and map designs (on paper ;)) are done, some extra music is being written, etc, etc, etc. So the ball has started rolling 🙂 I plan on finishing the game by the end of March.

In other gaming related stuff. I was recently speaking with the original artist for Broken Blueprint and we’d really like to do a full blown adventure game based on his original creations someday. So it’s something to think about for the future.

I’ve also been discussing with another designer about a long-term project of creating a Cyber Punk/Ghost in the Shell/Matrix/Shadowrun hacker style of game… but I’m tentative about mentioning it because I’m not sure there is a decent market for those sorts of games. In a game where the protagonist is a hacker, would anyone pay for the game? 😛