Arvale: Short Tales for iPhone almost done…


I’ve just finished editing all of the new dynamic music tracks (which resulted in over 70 files) for the iPhone version of Arvale: Short Tales, and I’ve been awake for 40 hours or so.

Oh, I never mentioned I was working on Arvale: Short Tales for the iPhone… so I guess I’ll post a bit of info on it’s progress.

All that’s left is, um… to implement the music into the game, again. I would go into the technical details of how much of a huge pain in the ass that will be (switching from xm files to mp3 files for dynamic music), but honestly, I don’t want to 🙂

By dynamic music, I mean music that changes -whether as a variation of the melody or similar- depending on the state of the player (similar to how iMuse system that Lucasarts used in their games). For example, when a character opens a door and enters a new area, the music will flow seamlessly into the new theme, or when the player enters a battle, the melody stays the same, but you get a steroid-injected, pulse pounding battle version of it.

I’m also modifying the story quite a bit, as we’re planning on pulling the 4 main characters apart to release them as separate games. This will hopefully result in a better player experience overall. The first character/game that will be released should be Varju, the Druid character.

More details later, when I have more sleep.

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