Arvale Flash Prototype

While switching servers recently, I ran across this old thing on my server:

You might have to right-click on it and select ‘Play’ for it to work. Click on it, then use Up/Down/Left/Right arrows to move around.

It’s an old Flash prototype for Arvale I made while I was sick at home 2 years ago messing around in flash. Animations, Z-order, and walking works,  and it even has some rudimentary collision detection (even the doors open!) ;).

I just wanted to see how difficult it would be to make a tile based RPG in Flash for someone as coding-retarded as I am would be. It took me a few hours and made me forget I was sick for awhile. The biggest problem was possibly the memory and loading constraints of flash would require either a) much smaller maps or b) dynamically loading and killing of tiles, which would mean coding all of the maps using an actionscript file instead of doing them visually (which is kinda not fun to do).

Flash is still alive and well (unless you believe what Steve Jobs says) so maybe I screw around with it again when I get sick 😉