Arvale Episodes Discontinued.

Bin is just as surprised as you!


Long time no post. First, a thank you to everyone who is enjoying the Arvale: Treasure of Memories games. Second, the individual episodes will no longer be available to buy as of December 1st.

Why oh why would you do such a thing?

Honestly, to give everyone who has bought an Episode or two a chance to finish up the series before they are discontinued.

But… why are they being discontinued?

Because… as I’ve hinted about in the past, a special edition of Arvale: Treasure of Memories will be released in the future. And I worked pretty darn hard at it, and it will contain all of the episodes combined into one title… with all of the goodies and extra features that made it into Episode 4, and more!

But… why shouldn’t I just wait until then?

Well, you could, I can’t stop you. In fact I’d be happy if you did! However, as with all things in game development… your save games from any of the individual episodes will not magically work with the special edition coming out. So, that being said, if you’ve already played through Episodes 1 and 2 and you’re ready to continue the story on Episode 3. But you decide to buy the special edition: you’ll have to start from scratch, all the way back at the beginning of the story (Episode 1). You get me? I know you do, you’re smart! In any case, this just seems like the best way to go about things.

So there you have it, you’ve been warned! 🙂

Wait, wait! One more question!


Um… I’ve played all the Episodes and I want more, more, more! Should I buy this new-fangled special edition when it comes out?

If you do, it would make me smile and it would give me warm tingly feeling inside. But, I’ll be honest: it’s entirely up to you. There are no major changes in the story or the game. If you’ve already played through everything, and you see no reason to do so again, then No, save your pennies. But, if you want to play through the game again as one continuous story, with some neat features, performance improvements, excellent mouse control, new balancing and lots of visual upgrades… then Yes! Do it! Besides, the Wheelbarrows will always be waiting for you…

When will this special edition come out?

Sorry, you said one more question.

But, wait–!

Okay, fine. The answer is: I don’t know.


Sorry, you asked.


Don’t worry, I’ll of course let you know as soon as I know more about when it will come out. In the meantime, enjoy what you have! Remember, December 1st, no more individual episodes.

Oh, okay, I got it now! Thanks!

You’re welcome!