Arvale Episode IV, Stygia Screens

Arvale Ep. 4 is still coming along, and I just thought I’d post a few screenshots of one of my favorite continents. Ever. That would be Stygia.

It’s always difficult recreating an old continent. Keeping true to how it looked and felt in any of the previous Arvale titles. But it’s a fun challenge, and Stygia is still one of my favorite areas. So I just thought I’d post some shots on how it’s progressing.You know, give a quick tour of the continent 🙂

Near Klumet, one of my favorite towns (which you’ll also see soon).

And the Ferryman, who is a staple of the series, second to possibly the Narrator and the Wheelbarrows.

Pike, the mining town was one of my favorite maps (and random quests) from the original Arvale: Journey of Illusion. You may also notice the new ‘Enter Town’ icon. I think it’s quite neat 🙂

A picture capturing the town of Idraces, the old Sorcynth Factory and the one of the dragon caves all at the same time. Man this is such a cool continent. Perhaps it’s just me.

You may have also noticed that Duncan is in none of these pictures. I could explain why, but that would totally ruin the story, so I’ll let you speculate for now.

More to come soon!